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This looks great, and I'm very impressed by the skill and talent that went into this.

And accordingly, I think it's worth pointing out that the cost of this project, like most incredibly labor-intensive DIYs, is way understated precisely because it values the "sweat equity" at zero. Thousands of hours of your labor is worth a lot more than nothing. Even assuming you can only earn minimum wage, that's around another $10,000 right there, paid in labor rather than cash.

The trade-off makes sense if you can't earn as much with that time as you'd have to spend to have someone else do the equivalent work, and if you enjoy it enough that the stress and physical pain involved don't overwhelm you. But let's acknowledge: all that "sweat equity" is hard labor done by people with lots of skill and vision.

Kitchen Before & After: A Truly Amazing Transformation for $3,500 Reader Kitchen Remodel
6/24/14 02:07 PM

This reminds me of my nana's plastic-covered "sitting room" that you're clearly not supposed to sit in.

Laughable and sad. And yes, @latoyaversailles - somehow vaguely obscene.

Try This: A Throw Layered Under the Chair Cushion
3/31/14 03:53 PM

Yes, this is hobnail glass, and it's very common to find in thrift or antique stores.

Pomegranate Glasses - tumbler
3/12/14 11:56 AM

That BluDot filing cabinet was one of the worst hassles of my furniture-procuring life -- but hey, it was such an abyssmal experience, the retailer ended up just refunding the total cost. So all in all, I'm pretty happy with it.

20 of the Best Filing Cabinets Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/11/14 06:11 PM

Oh, no. No no no no.

I guarantee you that I could have cooked all three of those recipes in barely more time than you did and have still ended up with barely anything to clean up afterwards. And without having another person underfoot to do the cleaning.

Because kitchen mess for me is gross, and claustrophobic, and just kinda wrong. Not a single thing about this post appeals to me -- even looking at the photo freaks me out slightly. Does this make me crazy? Probably, but if so, I'm a crazy person with a tidy kitchen.

Joy and Freedom of Trashing Your Kitchen Weekend Meditation
9/9/13 08:52 AM

I both detest this sofa and adore you for loving it so. <3

Can This Obnoxious Couch Work? Good Questions
7/2/13 12:06 PM

Registries are tacky and lazy.

If you give friends custom portraits because you think they'll love it, and they don't, life goes on much as it did when Santa didn't give you the right Mario game when you were 10. If your friends have a problem with you "going off-registry," start hanging out with less obnoxious people.

Skip the Registry: Custom Couples Portraits
7/2/13 12:04 PM

So basically this post concludes that tidy parents are more productive, more attentive --heck, just all-around *better* people.


Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families
6/18/13 01:25 PM


Best Kids Parties: Red Balloon My Party
4/30/13 04:01 PM

I am super proud of my friend Melissa, who runs Yurts of Hawaii (http://www.yurtsofhawaii.com/) on the Big Island. Talk about living the dream!

7 Best Sources for Yurt Kits
4/25/13 02:56 PM

I love my Sonos.

Readers should be aware that you DON'T have to use Sonos' speakers -- you can use anything with the right input, from little desktop jobs to big B&W towers. It fits seamlessly into pretty much any good existing audio setup.

Music Without Wires: Sonos Play:3
Unplggd Test Lab

9/8/11 12:56 AM

My Sonos system kicks the pants off any of these options.

Which Wireless Home Audio Is Best For You?
9/8/11 12:14 AM

Are you sure this is still around? The underwater rooms don't seem to be shown on the hotel website.

Clearly Special: A Hotel Bedroom Under the Sea
7/17/11 02:55 PM

I'm with hiroshima -- a room with nothing in it can't really be called "organized."

Organization Inspiration: Neat & Beautiful Bedrooms
1/9/11 06:35 PM

Maybe I am dense, but however cool these are, where is the joke?

Black and Blum: Practical (but Funny) Products
Store Profile

1/5/11 07:15 PM

I have always thought bedroom walls were just *supposed* to be some variation of sky blue.

Bright Paints & Finishes in the Bedroom
12/20/10 07:16 PM

I propose a ban on the word "classy."

5 Places to Hang a Wreath Indoors
12/6/10 07:09 PM

I am thoroughly confused as to why this is so popular. It's big open white spaces with modern furniture thrown around in what looks to me like a rather cold and jumbled way. The brick, wood, and space are nice, but the rest of it is just ... eh.

Phil & Hali's Quintessential Loft
House Tour

12/4/10 12:20 PM

I looked at buying this particular church (yes, because I'm evil and would want it for a private residence), but unfortunately it has been all but gutted of all the original details that would have made me want it.

The Answer to Your Housing Prayers? Converted Church for Sale
11/28/10 02:26 PM

My husband is indifferent to all other cold cereals, but Puffins make him hilariously happy.

Gluten-Free Cereal Picks: Puffins
11/4/10 01:25 AM