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Where can I get that coffee table?? I've been looking everywhere for a thing coffee table for a small living room and I haven't been able to find a thing.

Chad's Small Space Glamour in New Orleans House Call
9/16/12 05:03 PM

I look forward to being able to save one day but due to illness and periods of unemployment we had a truly ridiculous amount of debt to get rid of first. But every year we put more old credit card debt on a low interest loan at the credit union and cancel a card and we'll get there, eventually...

New Year, New Budget? Survey | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/10/10 01:28 PM

I listened to several options on Amazon and iTunes and found one I liked an downloaded for 99 cents. And I just play it through my iPod and some hand me down iPod speakers.

I also use the iPod alarm which jolts me from calming white noise to some fist pumping Bad Religion to tell me it's time to get out of bed.

But living in LA, the noise is insane, so I can't sleep without it.

Round Up: White Noise Machines For a Peaceful Night's Sleep | Apartment Therapy DC
1/10/10 12:32 AM

When I was a kid, I was a tomboy, so I never wore pink or had pink anything. It wasn't a conscious rebellion or anything, it's just the way it was.

But once I graduated college, I fell in love with pink. I love pink and use it everywhere.

I don't think the color should be blamed for society's prejudices. I wouldn't not buy pink for a girl just to show society what's what.

But these things are cyclical. 200 years ago pink was considered a man's color since it was a shade of red. And blue was considered a woman's color because it stood for Virginity before Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress. So cultural expectations will come and go, but my love for pink is eternal.

Is There Too Much Pink For Girls? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/5/10 03:39 AM

You can buy that exact set here:

Suggestions for A Similar Style Sofa? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/2/10 12:23 AM

No couches. Interesting.

I loved Laura Ashley as a kid so this was fun to look at.

And 1.2mil pounds actually kind of seems like a good price for that home. If only....

On the Market: Laura Ashley's Family Home | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/14/09 11:50 AM

Red and Turquoise were our wedding colors. Great combo!

And the first picture totally has custom red and blue modgreenpod wallpaper in the bedroom. Awesome.

Apartment Therapy New York | Blue (and Red) Monday
10/19/09 06:06 PM