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A few years ago, I barely knew how to sew on a button, so what made me think that I could recover my couch? My sister thought of the idea, and I (stupidly I thought at the time) followed suit. But now, my proudest sewing moment happens every time I look at the couch cushions and pillows I sewed by hand and machine. I want to recover it again and a chair and do some curtains and covers for bar stools and... well the inspiration and desire to design my world seems endless.

Apartment Therapy - Thursday Giveaway: Amy Butler Prize Package
11/8/07 06:38 PM

Like it a lot, especially those book boxes. Did you make those? And if so, how?

Apartment Therapy - #16 - Emily G Goes Nuts
10/14/07 05:32 PM

Oh, the paring knife please! I'm 4 weeks into a new freelance writing career, and have found the best way to procrastinate is to prepare elaborate meals for my roommate. Sady, my knives seem to be better at cutting me than the food. This would save my fingers and then when my roommate, savoring an expertly prepared meal, asks me what I wrote today? I'll smile and say, "A review for this great website: Apartment Therapy."

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8/23/07 07:26 PM