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I totally recognized Simon's room from the lights behind the bed! I've always liked his room because a lot of what's in it comes from what he likes and what he's interested in...his input is visible all over. To me, that adds "color."

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Ohdeedoh Kids' Color Contest Entry #10: Simon's Room
10/28/08 06:46 PM

It doesn't look deep/wide enough to really get into a craft/art kids like to work together and I can see a lot of stuff ending up on the floor.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Craft Table by P'kolino
10/22/08 02:46 PM

I love the Boon faucet cover!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Designed for Kids by Phyllis Richardson
10/2/08 04:38 PM

We repurposed our crib mattress into a comfy reading nook for the kids, by putting it in the corner of the playroom floor (with the sheets on), and piling on a bunch of soft pillows (collected over the years for various beds/couches). The kids love hanging out there with their books!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Re-use Crib Mattress
9/18/08 11:06 AM

My kids love their laptop lunchboxes! And I like them, because I am forced to come up with good stuff to fill the little boxes.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Roundup: Ohdeedoh Lunch Box Posts
9/15/08 01:45 PM

Decoupage. Always looks so easy, until I start. Then there's glue and bits of junk everywhere.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Crafty Mama Book
7/31/08 04:05 PM

I loved this room the first time I saw it (on another website?) a year or so ago. Especially the mom-made quilt. Love the cars. Also love the desk.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Nursery Tour: Oscar's Big Boy Room#comments
7/29/08 04:47 PM

Thanks for posting my baby's birthday!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Happy Birthday, Anjali!
7/27/08 11:48 PM

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Blogging MS: Make an Oilcloth Lunch Bag
7/15/08 07:58 PM

We painted my son's room orange with one french blue accent wall (colors were from the Tintin label). I was such a Tintin freak when I was a child (still am), so there are posters, a painting I did, and lots of statuettes, etc. The orange was a bit vibrant at first, but the blue grounds it, and then we also painted some shelves in the same blue. This was all a couple of years ago, so I am sure he will aske for something new soon.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Look! Using Orange in Kids' Rooms
4/4/08 04:03 PM

We set up a similar station in our family room, close to the kitchen. Clean up is easy this way!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Look!: Art Nook
4/3/08 09:17 AM

I've always drooled over zidzid stuff. Love the company's philosophy. Hope we win!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Zid Zid Kids and Maple Landmark Package
4/3/08 09:12 AM

I use the timbuk2 metro for trips to the playground, park, playdates, etc.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Small Diaper Bag#comments
3/31/08 03:48 PM

In the playroom...of course! Super cute rocker. I like that 2 kids can sit on it together.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Small Paul Log Rocker from 10 Grain
3/21/08 03:54 PM

I bought the same bedding from babystyle years ago for my son. Then my daughter used it too...I love having unisex cute bedding!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Nursery Tour: Becky Andrew Show Their Stuff
3/17/08 09:04 AM

I happened upon this blog and recognized this bird and branch right away!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | How To: Paint a Mural#comments
2/24/08 09:21 AM

I love the rhino pillow! And my kids do too!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Dwell Studio Zoo Bedding Collection
2/21/08 12:16 PM

I like the chocolate one, coz it comes with an orange changing pad. In my diaper bag: Diapee/Wipee pack, my video ipod (to soothe my son during long waits at the doctor's office), chewing gum, a tub of play dough (again, for the son!), a couple of books, a change of clothes for each kid, plastic bags for the soiled diapers, snacks, milk boxes, business cards, and information stickers to slap onto my kids' backs if we are in a busy place (zoo, disneyland, etc.)

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Skip Hop Via Messenger
2/7/08 08:00 AM

We bought the P&T double back in 2004 when our son was born (we knew we were going to have another child soon, so planned ahead!). This has truly been our favorite stroller: easy to use, great in airports. Our son (the older child) actually requests to sit in the back these days. His sister doesn't mind either seating. It has been one of our best child equipment investments to date

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Double Stroller For The City
1/24/08 05:40 PM

I use the tags from The Small Object all the time! I get so many comments from the gift recepients (or their mothers!) and I always tell them about the site. Thanks for the other great tips.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Free Printable Gift Tags
12/21/07 10:42 AM