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Oh, and since you mention open-house scams: we don't collect application fees until we've found "the one". And it's only a $10 credit check fee (subsidized by the Takoma Park Landlord/Tenant relations office).

Competitive Apartment Hunting Tips?
Good Questions

9/2/11 01:48 PM

Great timing! We are actually having an open house for our 1 BD/1BA top floor apartment this weekend in Takoma Park (right on the DC border and on the metro line). Since we live down stairs, we're meeting EVERY applicant to find a good personality match, so you'll definitely get a response from us! If you're interested here's more information:


Competitive Apartment Hunting Tips?
Good Questions

9/2/11 01:45 PM

Jason Yang: in what world is a donation to the GOP categorized as "societal benefit"? :-)

The Top 5 Most Evil Alarm Clocks Ever
6/23/11 04:02 PM

We had that same problem. We eventually settle on a row of frames like in this pottery barn image.

What To Put On Top Of EXPEDIT Unit?
Good Questions

5/25/11 01:35 PM

mminsf - The green quilt and shams are from Target - Chrysanthemum

Jess' Greener Life in a Small Space
4/29/11 06:43 PM

Jessica Jeanne: the storage/counter top in the kitchen is hand-made by us using an IKEA desk top ($5.99) and an IKEA metal shelf ($39.99), screwed together with some brackets. It's the best $46 we ever spent!

laura sponaugle: the leaning shelves are from JC Penney. I don't think they have the exact kind anymore, but these are similar.

Jess' Greener Life in a Small Space
4/12/11 09:53 AM

I like this place, but I thought the rules stated "The home must be lived in by the contest applicant"? Just wondering...

Aaron's Distinctive Guest House
4/8/11 12:17 PM

Here's how much I love your place: I have an entry in the same category and yet I did not hesitate to vote for yours. So jealous of your thrifted table, I've been looking for one like that. Good luck!

Erin & Danny's Storage Solutions
4/8/11 12:08 PM

videofromscrach - we put it out back by our apartment's dumpsters. It's hidden so the tennants that don't want to participate don't have to see it, but large enough that anyone who wants to contribute in our building is able to.

michpam - nice plan in theory, but I doubt our landlord would be cool with us rearranging the layout. Your plan though is exactly what I would do if we were allowed to do a little demolition.

Jess' Greener Life in a Small Space
4/7/11 09:01 AM

jettsam - I couldn't agree more. I only commented on the design-related actions we've taken due to lack of typing space. But during this time we've also set up a large-scale compost bin, taken a no-new-plastic pledge, reduced our landfill waste to less than one bag per week (we're aiming for one per month), tried to keep more than 90% of our food in the unprocessed/organic/local/pasture-raised spectrum, eliminated all toxic chemicals in the house (cleaning, makeup, etc...), and have begun the search for a single-family home that we can renovate to be completely "green". And the list goes on from there... but like I said above, we still have a long ways to go!

Jess' Greener Life in a Small Space
4/6/11 08:05 AM

rlmesq - Not sure why your comment was deleted; I was going to say that I agree with you, that almost all of our big items are from IKEA and as I mentioned in the blurb at the top, we've been trying to slowly replace these pieces.

Jess' Greener Life in a Small Space
4/5/11 03:20 PM

Allegra M - I completely agree, and we're slowly trying to find used vintage pieces to replace the big-box-store pieces. When we moved it, our only goal was "Get furniture" and the Reuse-Recycle mentality didn't hit us until later on. But in my defense, most of the furniture, even the IKEA pieces, were bought used on craigslist. So you gotta give me some credit :-)

Xenia - the bedroom paint is Cafe Latte by Glidden.

Jess' Greener Life in a Small Space
4/5/11 08:48 AM

To all of you, thank you! I can't believe some of the wonderful things said.

To all the corgi lovers: His name is Dexter, and he's a two-year old red-headed tri. He's really small for a corgi (15 lbs) but I don't think our apartment can handle much more :-).

ElectricKatie - Actually, that's one of my least favorite parts. I call it the "wall of black"; it sucks the light out of the room. Great for storage, not so great for sunlight.

cremedela - funny, b/c I don't anything we own is from Crate & Barrel. But I do wish I could live in one of their stores, so it could be subconscious.

hotpaprika - sorry we didn't include the office area. It's a typical Apartment Therapy office: Eames knockoff chair, white Parsons desk, antique camera collection, etc...

waterlily - I'll pretend that the "luxurious zen spa look" you speak of is intentionally what I was going for... lol

Jess' Greener Life in a Small Space
4/4/11 03:06 PM


I'm confused... I love this apartment (although can't dream of affording anything like it) but I thought it was in Hong Kong?

Candace's Living Light
4/4/11 12:29 PM

Where are those white boxes from?

Candace's Commercial Conversion
House Call

1/18/11 01:34 PM

I've got this one, more girly but same basic idea.


My mom bought it for me after she dropped me off for my first day at college. She started sobbing after she left the dorms and had to pull over in a Lowe's parking lot. When she went in the store to recover, she found this tool (and a matching measuring tape). Apparently, she felt this would be perfectly useful for me my first year at school. She came back to the dorm crying and said "Look! *sob* I found you *sob* a hammer!"

A New Home Tool Kit
1/4/11 02:48 PM

Here's a slightly less expensive version, originally intended for the bathroom:


In my opinion, the PB version is a bit more clean looking.

Countertop Storage: Farmers Market Epergne Basket | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/16/10 11:45 AM

patrick (the other one) - I'm having the exact same problem as Geo83: the main contest site now has only two buttons, one for the FAQ and one for the book. Where there used to be a grid with all the entrants there is now nothing. You can't scroll down. Are you able to see them?

Small Cool 2010: Brigham's Studio Loft Teeny Tiny Division #17 | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/20/10 10:36 AM

Cute and well kept, but where's the color? It's all white and beige. The only color is the blue house for the guinea pigs...

Small Cool 2010: Natalie's Natural Light Vintage DetailsTiny Division # 22 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/19/10 11:42 AM

Wow, there is NO WAY this apartment is 690. TWO bedrooms (both with closets) and a separate dining room? Not a chance. Someone needs to check the math.

Small Cool 2010: Joe Kara's Urban Feel in a Small Town Little Division # 20 | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/19/10 11:02 AM