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I'm with Holler.

Before & After: Thrifted Chair Goes Gold
Brittany Makes

2/4/12 12:53 AM

OMG OMG I'm having palpitations.

Pantone Products: The Weird & Wonderful
10/4/11 12:51 AM

OMG do not paint it.

To Paint or Not To Paint Heirloom Dresser?
Good Questions

10/4/11 12:11 AM

Wish I could have seen the bathroom..and where in the heck are your clothes and shoes?

Marta's 350 Square Foot White Space
House Call

3/25/11 08:59 AM

No rules are allowed in our bedroom. Haha! But if we had children (ours are grown) they would be welcomed into the bedroom on a VERY limited basis (to promote respect for privacy).

What Isn't Allowed In Your Bedroom?
3/18/11 05:07 PM

I have arranged my book by color when my entire book collection had to be displayed in one bookcase in a small room. It was amazing how much calm it brought to the room. I have also broke them up into several bookcases through out the house, grouped by genre. But my fave is a rogue stack in my bedroom in which every book has the word "Love" in the title.

9 Ways to Organize Books: Which Is Your Style?
1/17/11 03:48 PM

I've decided to let go of two decade's worth of unread books that I am ready to admit I will probably never make the time to read. Also resolved to start reading only new releases and only old books if I am absolutely insatiably intrigued and no new releases interest me a the moment.

5 Things To Let Go of Today
1/9/11 02:39 PM

I got this in my e-mail Friday and made it Friday night - great recipe! I eat wheat-free so I especially appreciate recipes that are low-gluten. Thanks so much!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Recipe: Coconut Milk Chicken#comments
10/19/09 12:00 PM