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@Jamie310 that's funny, but don't your veggies go limp out of the crisper?

6 Habits to Prevent Food Waste
2/21/13 11:46 AM

even easier than chopping all those olives? just buy a jar of kalamata olive tapenade, and mix with mayo (bonus: it turns a pretty purple color).

Weekend Sandwich: Comte, Olive, and Arugula Grilled Cheese
12/26/12 01:30 PM

don't forget to visit City Provisions in Ravenswood! Cleetus treats his customers like they are family!


catering, deli, supper club/farm tours, and much more! everyday except monday!

A Food-Lover's Guide to Chicago
Markets, farms, artisans, and best shops for cooks

11/28/12 06:54 PM

thank you for sharing all this great stuff about my hometown, which i love so much!

A Design Lover's Guide to Saint Louis Apartment Therapy's Design Destination Guide
7/17/12 12:50 AM

@SJINSF, i totally agree on the tea leaf salad at burma superstar. but my all time favorite salad is the chopped salad from cowboy ciao in scottsdale, arizona.

pearl couscous, arugula, dried corn, diced tomatoes, toasted pepitas, dried currants, smoked salmon... and some kind of sinful, creamy dressing.

Is There a Restaurant Salad You Long to Recreate at Home?
6/18/12 02:55 PM

yummy, I'd like to have lunch at your office :)

The Apartment Therapy Office Has a Potluck! A Menu Rundown
3/29/12 07:02 PM

this is really cool, however, I tend to be messy in the kitchen and I'd be so afraid of accidentally splashing it with something!

Look! Enormous Painting in the Kitchen
2/3/12 02:22 PM


also, wax paper or a good coat of cooking spray (inside the pot, on the spatula and baking sheet) will make clean-up easy.

Summer Recipe: Lucky Charms Ice Cream Sandwiches
8/18/11 09:33 PM

@asmallcontempt I'm having the exact same issue: everything is still crunchy!

additionally, I think that 1 tsp of oil is not nearly enough to coat the bottom of a 4-6 qt. dutch oven.

Weeknight Recipe: Potato and Cauliflower Curry
6/28/11 10:38 PM

my vote would be this cuisinart mini food prep that converts to an immersion blender: http://www.cuisinart.com/products/hand_blenders/csb-77.html

i love mine!

Should I Buy a Food Processor or a Blender?
Good Questions

6/15/11 03:19 AM

warm the sauce, and pour it over a bowl of dulce de leche ice cream with fresh strawberries. very easy, but very fancy and decadent.

What Can I Make with Chocolate Chipotle Sauce?
Good Questions

6/3/11 04:35 PM

@mschatelaine... that is the most winning comment ever.

The Chair I Just Can't Live Without Despite Its Lack of Style
6/1/11 06:32 PM

I do this as well, I have no idea why. But then again, I also eat peanuts with the shells.

Secret Pleasures: Nibbling Raw Spaghetti
5/16/11 03:54 PM

wagon wheel coffee table from When Harry Met Sally! LOVE!

Nicole's Old-World Style Home
5/2/11 03:58 PM

I recently moved and decided that I was NOT going to bring all my old issues of Bon Appetite. I went through ALL of them and tore out the pages containing recipes that I am likely to make, and I filed them in a 3 ring binder by season. It was a simple task that I was able to do while watching tv over a couple of evenings. I'm SO glad I did it, and it felt amazing to get rid of pounds and pounds of magazines!

On Saying Goodbye to Cooking Magazines
4/27/11 04:35 PM

Wonderful art! Adorable dog!

Question: the book shelves appear to have a portrait (deer head w/ antlers) hanging OVER them... how do you rig something like that?

Ami and Sean's Colorful, Welcoming & Art-Filled Home
House Tour

4/27/11 04:30 PM

LOVE! can't wait to visit!

The Rug Company Expands to Chicago
10/26/10 07:52 PM

bikes as decor? i'm not sure about that... more like practical storage for anyone who has ever had their bike stolen while it was outside (even with a lock!). don't get me wrong, my bike is parked right here next to my desk in the home office, but not by choice.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Roundup: Bikes as Decor
7/21/09 03:57 PM


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Holy Hello Kitty! A Totally Kitty Home
7/10/09 05:32 PM

its not cheap, but Jayson Home & Garden has some great stuff.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: "Don't Miss" Store Recommendations?
7/10/09 05:31 PM