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Instead of hiding a bedroom space consider hiding only the bed by using a Murphy bed. http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=17212&rrt=1</a href>

Help Dividing Bedroom from Living Area in Studio?
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1/3/12 02:05 PM

Time for a real-time location-aware smart collar for the dog/cat/etc.!

An App That Makes "Where Are You?" Obsolete
11/4/11 03:22 PM

I've been happy with a Dell 24 Ultrasharp since they were introduced. The multi-port, hub, card reader features often inspire me to appreciate the monitor more. The simply elegant and very high quality Apple monitor is my favorite, though, because of the color richness and glossy surface. In my multi-monitor config the Apple monitor stands out as the clearest, most vivid image. All are connected to a Mac, of course.

5 Best Investments In Screen Real Estate
11/3/11 08:09 AM

Seriously like the workspace.

A new! word: "ontop"

Carolina's Stylish Corner Workstation & Home Studio
DeskTops - The Best of Readers' Desks

10/28/11 10:06 AM

Good grief. This has to be the worst tech review I've ever read.

Why iPhone 4S Siri-ously Doesn't Live Up to the Hype
10/28/11 10:02 AM

During our renovation an inspector required that we change out the incandescent fixtures (bare bulbs) for florescent because of the fire hazard. We were surprised by how much brighter the small spaces became after the change, even though we installed quite small florescent fixtures.

The Easy Way to Install Motion Sensor Closet Lights
7/6/11 11:33 AM

I'm using an IR emitter (love it) but have not been able to move the components as far away from the TV as I would like. I'd appreciate suggestions for installing HDMI cables (owner, not renter) from the TV to the components over a distance of about thirty feet. I've already installed the wireless Wii sensor bar and wireless speakers. Just one HDMI cable is limiting the setup options.

Hide Your Components By Using Remote Control Extenders
6/23/11 02:46 PM

@ Klaus Now I'm totally convinced that I like your idea of using "wide-screen" panoramic photos. I checked out your quality, prices, and selection and am quite impressed. Danae may even have a subtly dramatic photo that you can print in that size.

Window Treatment For Oddly Shaped Window?
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4/19/11 02:17 PM

@Klaus I like your ultra wide format photo idea. In dynamic symmetry or the same size as the window, especially if its placement mimics the off-center window orientation, could provide balance.

@AbigailC Any offense at the idea of art on a window shade roller within the window frame?

Window Treatment For Oddly Shaped Window?
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4/19/11 10:06 AM

Change the appearance of the window by disguising its shape through the use of fabric (for color, texture, and pattern) on a mechanical or electronic roll-up screen. The wall contour near the ceiling looks like it would nestle such a configuration. A large element in the space could overwhelm or transform, so take your time when selecting the material. But have fun working it into the design!

Window Treatment For Oddly Shaped Window?
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4/19/11 08:45 AM

Paint, no paint, it makes no difference.
Sorry, but I couldn't resist dropping that quote into this passionate discussion. In our 100+ year-old house we repaired and painted the trim and glazed the finished wood doors similar to how oh_heck described. It produced a unique combination often complimented by many persons.

Will Painting Original Trim Lower Resale Value?
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4/11/11 01:24 PM

Corning definitely needs to remake a reality based version, where their ideas are integrated into modern, everyday situations where such an idealistic infrastructure is not commonplace. They've probably also produced a promotional video for all those behind-the-scenes workers, or were those people and processes underground?

The Future of Technology in Your Home?
3/18/11 12:33 PM

Gorgeous. Never felt more organized than when living in such limited space required a place for everything and everything in its place. The only significant discomfort we experienced in our camper was the inability to stretch out comfortably when confined to the space by weather. No lazy-boy recliners. :(

An Arm-Mounted Office Kitchen iMac
3/11/11 06:54 AM

Choosing a counter top color to match cookware is not something I would have thought of. But now that we're on the subject, aren't stainless steel appliances, silver backsplash, and stainless steel counters an attempt to do the same thing?

Hoboken Family Condo by Derk Garlick Architects
Professional Project

2/14/11 12:55 PM

Wait a minute, wouldn't switching drawers between the two units accomplish the same objective?

A Colorful Mac-Centric Home Office Gets An Update
2/11/11 02:59 PM

Light blocking fabric on drapes will do the trick. Choosing this option will give you an opportunity to ask about color, fabric, and curtain rod ideas on apartmenttherapy!

Suggestions To Keep Light Out?
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2/2/11 08:55 AM

I agree with Sarah-Marie about lightening and adding light. Having lived in an older house with little natural light and dark lacquered wood doors, every addition of light brought out the character of the woodwork and other architectural elements. I would not paint the wood because of the warm value it brings to the interior. For me paint colors don't achieve the same effect as wood, no matter how red they are. As for wall colors, because your woodwork is a mid-range shade, a tint of a complimentary or contrasting hue would brighten the space, and the lighter the better. Really, more light brings more interest to the natural character of wood, even dark wood. Consider reducing the wood's visual dominance with a wall cream color, and let your art and furniture provide the eye catching colors.

Cabinet Paint Color Suggestions?
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1/25/11 08:50 AM

Bar Keepers Friend works really well in our home, and the powder has not creates scratches on any surface.

How To Clean Soap Scum
1/24/11 10:01 AM

How cool is that! I can see this device being set free in homes and offices every night, or playfully bounced about if operating when people are in the space. They do bounce, don't they?

Final Frame: The Robot Dust Ball Floor Vacuum
12/16/10 11:26 AM

My favorite use of the microwave is restoring freshness to french bread: about 20 seconds and it's transformed from hard and dry to soft and moist, crust intact!

12 Home Hacks for Your Microwave
12/13/10 08:35 AM