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New to Apt. Therapy. Just Read this and thought I should chime in since I actually purchased one of these..

Don't all hate on me at once.

But I am totally happy with it.

1. Every single price on here is actually wrong.

The Bed can be purchased without cover and is $360

They have covers that start at like $180 Bucks.

So around $550 NOT $1000 dollars. I can't vouch for the quality of the $150 Dollar Itallian "folding cot". But the bo bed is great construction with a memory foam mattress.. I have had about 5 different houseguests sleep on mine and all of them found it to be far better than an inflatable. My 2 cents.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Another Look at BoConcept's Ottoman/Bed
10/18/09 02:36 PM