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We went to Belize last summer with our 5 year old and 1 year old. We used a Peapod for sleeping and didn't bring a stroller at all - instead we used a backpack carrier which doubled as a high chair, too! We gate checked it like a stroller, and the Peapod packed into a small suitcase.

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5/24/10 03:54 PM

A snow day calls for beef stew and hot bread (with some grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch!). Enjoy the nesting!

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2/10/10 07:42 AM

We bought a Peapod this summer before travelling to Belize. It was the ideal solution for our dilemma (several moves during our trip, not a lot of luggage). We actually packed it inside our rolling suitcase! It does get warm in there (especially in a tropical climate), but it was totally bugproof, and my 15 month old loved having his own little tent. Completely worth the cost, and we're looking forward to using it this summer at the beach & for backyard camping. We also have a traditional Pack-n-Play, and it's fine for car trips, but is heavy & bulky so it doesn't get used often.

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1/18/10 05:40 PM

PB Kids has a hot pink chamois crib sheet which would be perfect (and SO cozy) for the crib. In my experience, you really don't need the whole crib set, as the bumper shouldn't be used for an infant and it takes forever for them to grow to the age where they keep a blanket on. PB Teen also has some great hot pink pillows for the chair. I'd keep it simple & not try to compete with the rug.

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12/11/09 06:42 PM

We recently travelled to Belize with our 5 year old and 16 month old. I second the travel tent (a Peapod), but you may not need it if you'll be with family. We left the stroller at home and toted our son in a backpack carrier. It was awesome, especially since it doubled as a makeshift high chair at meal times, and could be gate-checked in the airport. We also used Ultrathon bug repellant. Worth its weight in gold.

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8/22/09 05:18 PM

We own 2 strollers: The MacLaren Techno XT, which was purchased for my daughter 4 years ago, and when Son came along this March, we bought a BOB Revolution (single). I really like them both. The Mac is great for tighter spaces - smaller cars, airline travel, etc. It's light, easy to turn, folds quickly, and the seat has 4 positions (including flat). The BOB is so great (totally my favorite). We take it running, to the Farmer's Market, the mall, and everywhere in town. It's so easy to maneuver, and I love the big storage basket underneath (perfect for walking to the grocery). Daughter sometimes rides on the footrest when she is tired, and even pushing 60 pounds feels like nothing. I started using the BOB when he was just 4 weeks old (with the help of a Kiddopotamus Snuzzler) and he was happy from the second I put him in it. I wish I'd also had the BOB 4 years ago.

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7/31/08 12:30 PM

Must-Not List:
- wipes warmer
- bottle warmer
- swing
- sleep positioner
- walker
- play pen
- baby monitor
Must Have List:
- BOB jogging stroller
- Britax Marathon car seat
- Kidopottamus velboa snuzzler
- Chamois changing pad cover (at least 2)
- Baby Bjorn active carrier
- Nursing cover
- Huggies diapers
- Robeez
- Bouncy seat w/ vibration
- Anti-bacterial hand cleaner
- Splat Mat for feeding baby

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7/12/08 07:27 PM

There seems to be a lot of hate directed at this list. While I think that BestLife is a questionable pub at best (Have you ever read an issue? It's junk), I have to say that as a current Des Moines resident it's a pretty great place to be raising my family. It has one of the top graduation rates in the nation (85-90%), tons to do, low crime, and reasonable cost of living. Yes, I realize it's DES MOINES, and not NYC, or SF..... but there's something about the heartland. I'm just sayin'. (And BTW - I've lived in Portland, Orange County, Colorado Springs, and Phoenix, so I think I can offer an informed opinon on this subject).

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7/6/08 05:37 PM

First of all, if you feel the need to photoshop your child's picture you need to seriously reconsider what type of parent you are & the message you are sending to your child. Second, if you HAVE to photoshop, find someone who knows what they are doing. This poor girl looks like a Marie Osmond doll, not a little girl.

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8/22/07 11:11 AM