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Hi all! Thanks for the fabulous suggestions. Full disclosure - since submitting this question, I actually had to move out of my beautiful, tiny apartment. It was a sublet and it turned out the woman I was subletting from wanted to move back into it. Since this post, though, I have moved into a similarly small apartment, and though it has a stove, it is still an incredibly tiny kitchen. (But with a full-size refrigerator!)

The article in the Times that JenPDX suggested is absolutely fantastic. Can be found here:


In print, the photo at the top took up nearly the entire page and absolutely made me drool. I have yet to cook a single meal in the new place (I've only been there a few days), but it definitely made me want to go rice-cooker-style.

Also, I'm so inspired by everyone talking about the toaster ovens! I used to have one that I simply never used - hearing everyone's praise for them really takes me by surprise. I think we used to throw little french bread pizzas in it, and that was about it. That just may be my first move for the tiny kitchen.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Good Question: Best Hot Plate for Tiny Kitchen?
10/7/08 10:27 AM

The Ikea by me just opened a month ago, and I could not be a bigger fan of this idea. Plus, I love the big blue bags. I just keep mine in the trunk of my car.

Also, most of the grocery stores around here have started offering reusable tote bags for $1. I own four of them and keep them in my car as well. They're a decent size - all of them hold two six-packs of beer with room to spare. (Or, um, soda.) I love them. They hold so much more than the plastic bags and are easier to carry!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! IKEA to Ditch Plastic or Paper Bags Completely!
4/7/08 12:05 PM

This is so disgusting. Can you imagine dating someone and seeing this as their bedroom for the first time? (Admittedly, since I think this might be Prince's bedroom, you probably already know what you're getting into.)

Apartment Therapy New York | Romantic Bedroom Week: Hydeist's Ode to Prince
2/14/08 04:23 AM

As for the low back, I had the Klippan sofa when I lived in NYC - the low back never bothered me, and I definitely like getting comfy.

I never thought our Klippan was unattractive... and now you can buy so many fabulous third-party covers for it that you can have a "new" sofa every few months! Ours got a little more used-looking over time, but it was the only seating in an apartment with three people, so I wasn't terribly surprised. It held up well after 2 years, and I was sad to see it go when we all moved out.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: How's the Movie Sofa from CB2?
2/14/08 04:03 AM

Oh, I want the MULTY bed so much! Except I don't live in NYC and I don't have $1000... but a girl can dream. I hope this goes to a fabulous home.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Scavenger: Ligne Roset MULTY sofa bed for $1000
2/11/08 06:25 AM

If every hostel in the world could do this, I'd be much happier about sharing rooms with people. I couldn't care less about knotty pine either, but I love this.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Moormannberge Hotel
2/6/08 03:41 AM

I think they're amazing, but they're definitely not for me. I'm always impressed with them in photos - never been remotely tempted to do it myself. I love that white tufted headboard against the slightly gray wall, though!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | All-White Interiors
1/31/08 11:44 AM

Nope, no shedding from what I've heard.

A friend of mine uses them as a rug in her apartment - I want to say it's 5x4 tiles, maybe? They look fabulous and are easy to clean - only problem is she has a kitty that likes to tear them up pretty badly. She keeps thinking about getting rid of them, but I don't think it's too noticeable. Love them as a rug!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Questions: Do FLOR tiles shed?
1/31/08 09:13 AM

That picture is most definitely not Cincinnati chili at all. Looks like a good recipe, but for a different food.

Apartment Therapy New York | Is Cincinnati Chili Really Chili? From The Kitchn: Our sister site that promotes cooking eating at home
1/27/08 07:49 AM

Maybe it's the photo... I don't know. I tend to really like high-gloss red lacquer, so I'd think this was right up my alley. I think I'd like it more if it wasn't so reflective.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? ABSTRAKT Red High-Gloss IKEA Kitchen
1/24/08 05:37 AM

I'd love to stick with the large glass of water, but I have a cat that wages war against any and all open containers of liquid. (Her favorite is to stick her paw in a glass of water and pull it off the table. We use a lot of plastic glasses now.)

I've been just keeping a gatorade bottle filled with water by the bed. Never really considered finding something actually designed for this purpose!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Bedside Water Bottle and Glass from Gaiam
1/17/08 03:52 AM

Small/cool winners link is busted. :(

Apartment Therapy New York | May Best Small Cool: Small Cool Contest Entries, Small Cool Extras and Small Cool Winners…
12/30/07 02:00 PM

Link to bar stools is broken.

Apartment Therapy New York | June Best Products: Top 10 Bar Stools, Writing Desks, Wood Deck Tiles, and Market Umbrellas, Gourmet Flatware
12/30/07 05:30 AM

And just like the carafe we saw a few days ago, completely not functional. It's a beautiful design, I agree, but definitely one to keep on the shelf and never attempt using. I hope that was the designer's intention.

Apartment Therapy New York | Claudio Colucci's Wine Carafe With Glass
12/13/07 07:36 AM

I had an Aeron at my last office and have a Mirra at my current one. While Aerons seem to be the standard thing in design offices (at least by my experience), I like the Mirra much more.

That being said, I have one for our home office that I bought for around $150 on clearance at Office Depot, and it's the most comfortable one I've ever sat in. It's some anonymous office furniture company, but I really love it. It won't be winning any aesthetic awards, but it keeps me happy for those long freelance hours.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Choosing a Home Office Task Chair
12/12/07 04:37 PM

mpolo, it depends on how you do it. I'm looking in to small square glass tiles, and they run anywhere from $10-30 per square foot, depending on how you do it. One color is always cheaper than multiple colors, larger tiles tend to be less expensive than smaller tiles. Unfortunately for me, I'm looking for small tiles in different colors, so I'm on the higher end. You can find them online for cheaper, but make sure you're looking at a reputable company and that you order more than you need.

Apartment Therapy - Close-Up: Stainless Steel Backsplash
10/10/07 09:09 AM

Wasn't there just a post the other day about chairs that are a very similar style? There were some Target chairs in a kind of funky fabric for $200 or so. I haven't personally sat on the Ikea chair, but I do think that's a little pricey for Ikea. Still, if you like it, maybe you should go for it! I know all too well the feeling of falling in love with a piece of furniture, and no amount of convincing can sway you otherwise sometimes. :)

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Is This Chair Worth This Price?
9/18/07 03:11 PM

I have the 6 quart enameled cast iron Mario Batali pot in whatever fancy name they're using for "orange". It is absolutely my favorite piece of cookware that I own. I didn't buy it for the name; I bought it because it was $70 compared to the $200 Le Creuset equivalent, and it has the braising spikes on the lid that are perfect for a regular braiser like me. I can't recommend it highly enough!

Apartment Therapy - Survey: Do You Own Celebrity Chef Cookware?
8/25/07 08:02 AM

Bluestar, I'm with you! I really did hate Lisa's area, though, but good lord - anyone who ever takes the "Hey, we don't know what else to do, let's throw some sparkly pillows on it" approach to design probably isn't going to be invited to my next dinner party.

If they could have kicked Lisa, Josh & Robb all off, I would have been all about it.

I did really love the sunken dining room, and surprisingly, the quarter pipe! It's a little weird for a living room, but it somehow worked aesthetically and didn't seem like... well... a quarter pipe dropped in the middle of a living room. I'm sort of excited about this season. There's clearly some talent there. I just hope they kick certain people off soon so we can really see the people who deserve to win.

Open Thread 489
8/1/07 02:00 PM

I'd be into the idea if it had a kitchen. To echo one of the above users, that's just unacceptable. Put a little counter space and a small oven on one of those walls, and I'm there.

Look! 200 sq. ft. Living Downtown
7/25/07 07:25 PM