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Google calendar requires google account, check the news to see what kind of company they are turning into and if you still want to hand them over all your data.

Keeping the Family Connected with iCloud Calendars
1/27/12 11:13 AM

I had pretty bad experience with the HTC built Nexus One running FroYo. Specs are impressive but specs are not all, you can barely type on the phone - the touch screen is very bad and every 5 mins your touches are 30 pixels off until you put the screen to sleep and wake it up again.

Most apps have very poor usability, nothing is unified or intuitive, even some of the apps that come straight from google. It's great for surfing the web, but very bad for communication.

10 Reasons To Consider Buying An Android Phone
2/22/11 12:32 PM

Unfortunately, these fireplaces are decor only - very little heat. It's real fire, it looks great and perfect replacement for fake electrical fireplaces, but you can't heat a thing with these. In the local shop that sells these I could hold my hand over the flame and barely feel any heat.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | EcoSmart Fireplace Lets You Move Your Heat Around
10/16/09 11:29 AM