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I wish I could see the entire piece because I'm sure it's faboosh! I LOVE the design of the drawers. One of my peeves is drawers / cabinet doors that have no handles or easy way to open them so this is genius design. Looks like a mid-century piece to me. Maybe even a stereo console.

Can You ID This Piece of Furniture I've Fallen In Love With? Good Questions
4/3/14 10:14 AM

Thanks for the plug. I hate to make a correction Abby, but it was my BLOG not my book that won for Best Organizing Blog or Website. The winner of Best Organizing Book was Valentina Sgro, for Patience and the Porsche.

The awards ceremony was a lot of fun and it was wonderful to meet and greet with Peter Walsh and so many other terrific colleagues!

Monica Ricci

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Organizing Awards
2/26/08 08:31 AM

I would paint the front wall (top and bottom) the same color (or another similarly dark, saturated complementary color) as the foyer, and paint the remainder (the recessed wall) a clean, bright white. That will make the white Then, create a gallery by adding some sort of hooks up BEHIND the upper wall that you can suspend cable from and then change out the art from time to time.

One thing that I'd love to see is if the cables were to be offset behind that wall. In other words, somehow use a bracket that would make the cables hang down *between* the spaces of the wall, so they aren't actually touching either wall, but are instead, in the center of the air space. (am I making sense?)

Then add the art. I think filling the space with suspended art at varying heights would look awesome and be a cool way to set off the entrance to your place.


Good Questions: What Should I Do With This Nook?
7/5/07 04:45 PM

I'd paint that niche a deep color to make it pop and use it for a piece of art, sculpture, or floral arrangement. Oooh I just thought of something else... it would be a little high maintenance BUT I think it would be great to paint it a bold color, then add a striking vase and keep it filled with fresh white gladiolus 24/7.

I hope you'll post the "after" photos!

Good Questions: Help me maximize this niche!
6/3/07 05:56 PM

I do occasionally buy a case of Deer Park, Aquafina or Dasani water but mostly I just keep refilling my Brita with tap water and it's delish! We have the large rectangle container with the tap on the front, which sits on the fridge shelf, rather than the pitcher. We used to have the pitcher but I found that I had to refill it too often which bugged me, so we got the bigger container with the tap. It is great because you never have to lift it, either to dispense the water OR to refill it. Very nice.

The Rise of Tap Water
6/2/07 07:36 PM

Does anyone know how to clean a burned pan? I spaced out and burned the hell out of a saucepan and I would prefer not to throw it out, but I can't seem to get the black off the bottom. Any help? Thanks!

Open Thread #94
6/2/07 07:31 PM

I know it's been said, but I have to agree... that hall tree would look really impressive if it weren't white. Not that it's ugly, it just blends right into the wall. Getting it stripped and refinished may not be in your time or money (or energy) budget, but that would be the first, best solution.

Outside of that, you could paint the wall behind it to make it pop and stand out. Also, what material are those finials? Are they the original wood finish? Or something else. The blur makes it a bit hard to see the piece.

Good Questions: How To Dress Up My Hall Mirror?
4/20/07 10:23 AM

Andreas, you could try Legare but I am not sure it's what you're looking for.

Open Thread 405
4/4/07 08:10 AM

That is a great idea to keep orchids in a bathroom since they need so little water anyway. Speaking of orchids, I just bought a gorgeous white Phalaenopsis at Publix for TEN BUCKS! (it was clearly on sale and I should have just gotten three of 'em!)

It started with six blooms and now has 8 or 9 and a few buds left to open. I think orchids have become my favorite flower. Stunningly gorgeous and easy to grow. Who can beat that??

Good Questions: Fungus on Bathroom Plant?
3/29/07 07:29 PM

I'm all for separating the pooper from the shower. Next house, definitely! As for a big romantic clawfoot tub in the bedroom, I think the idea of it is more attractive than the actual application of it. Plus, like mjoe, I don't really dig baths, preferring a quick super hot shower under a rainshower head. I just can't stand for my fingers to be pruned and you can't take a bath without pruning! Blecch.

AT:SF Survey: Combination Bedroom/Bathrooms
3/29/07 07:17 PM

I think that's the best photo of Ed Begley Jr. that exists.

Good Quotes: "The Common Sense Approach"
3/29/07 07:10 PM

Dust mite pattern???? Do I even want to know what that looks like?

Spruce Floor Lamp Floor Sweeper
3/29/07 07:08 PM

I agree the rooms are getting better as the talent field gets narrower. I pegged Matt to win from early on, and I stand by my choice, although Andrea is talented as well. I'm also *very* glad certain annoying, whiny babies are gone. (a-hem) :)

Blogging Top Design: Episode 8
3/29/07 03:31 PM

Soooo fabulous!!

Arch Digest Show 2007: Brian Cullen
3/29/07 02:21 PM