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I would consider scanning the really choice ones and putting them into resin. Others, you could either use the originals or copies and use them to surround the word" beLIEve". Just my personal taste. Usually when someone tries to give my husband something like that he says "Throw away your own garbage." So something playing on that might be interesting. Chick tracts are humorous comics that are full of fire and brimstone. The provided endless laughter for my friends growing up, especially when we signed up an "enemy" for the mailing list.

Display of 50-Plus Chick Tracts? Good Questions
5/1/12 06:49 PM

I have to agree that not all screen time is boob tube time. We do let our daughter watch silly TV shows. And many of those shows have some real information on them that is packaged so that she will not only get it, but enjoy it. However, even though she gets bored with the history channel, she loves watching science and nature shows. And she prefers to watch videos of surgery techniques on my ipad over watching movies. As a 5 year old, she can point out a heart on an xray... I know adults that cannot do that. The games that she plays usually involve numbers/math or reading. However, she can beat me at cat physics...trigonometry is easier than most basic math.

My daughter sees my husband and me reading constantly. However, when I was young, I saw my parents reading books and newspapers. Now, I get my information from reading articles on the internet or books on my ipad. My daughter sees the computer as a way to learn things. We make times to do things, to make things, to cook things, in our daily life. But my screen time is often no different than my parent's book or newspaper time. Except when I have a question about the sources, I can instantly check those.
i would never try to replace personal experimentation with reading about it on the internet. However, I learned some interesting things to experiment with on the internet. I can only hope to teach my daughter to think and how to find and evaluate information.

The Death of TV (But Screentime is Alive and Kicking)
The New York Times

2/9/12 11:17 PM

A square box can be easily made from either a/b plywood or reclaimed wood or you could buy a cube shaped planter box. Paint this brown, or whatever stem color you like. Either buy or cut a round top...thin is ok for something like this, so plywood would be fine. On the underside of the round, mark out the inside lines of the box. Put blocks made from spare wood. This will hold the lid in place, like a puzzle piece. Placing a piano hinge on one side, coupled with a chain on the other side will keep the lid attached and limit the movement. However, it will not guard against pinched fingers. A relatively lightweight lid that acts more like a tray might be easier for your daughter.
Pain the top red with white spots...with maybe a little bug drawn on there. This creates not only a storage box, but also a table that she can use with the toys.

Seeking Large Mushroom Shaped Container
Good Questions

11/18/11 02:20 PM

Local honey is better than honey from other locales because it can actually decrease allergy response. There is an interesting immunology trick where oral ingestion of a contact or inhaled allergies can turn off the IgE (histamine related immunoglobulins). Also, I prefer unpasteurized honey for wound dressing...both the high sugar content and the naturally occurring anti-microbials are helpful in decreasing infection.

Oh, Honey: Why the Honey We Buy in Stores Could be Fake
Food Safety News

11/9/11 11:19 AM

There is a big difference in someone that is vegetarian refusing to eat meat and someone that just considers your choice of meat to be ethically wrong but would eat meat from an animal that was raised/slaughtered ethically. If I knew that you ate meat, and I could not afford free range beef for my party, it would be offensive if you told me that my beef was too ethically challenged for your palate.

How To Keep Food Ethics Without Offending The Host?
Good Question

11/2/11 03:00 PM

I think that Molly does a bang up job on all of her projects. We live in a 1930's house that has an original surrounding mantle with the nice trim...fitting for the house. But the brick that surrounds the actual fireplace opening is obvious over 80 years old and is blacked and just plain ugly. I have not totally decided to paint it or to leave it alone as we are selling the house soon and I want it as "neutral" as possible.

But I have looked into painting the brass fireplace door. They make a few different colors of heat proof spray paint. I bought black from Lowes...on sale for $4 for an extra tall can.

Before & After: Molly's Family Room Fireplace Makeover
9/22/11 04:10 PM

Actually, I am a vet. The website, is maintained by a world wide group of veterinarians. The most recent study showed an increase risk in large breed deep chested dogs fed from elevated bowls when compared to their breed cohorts (ie a great dane was compared to a great dane). The article is under "Bloat: the mother of all emergencies.

DIY Solution for Hiding Clutter in a Small Kitchen
9/2/11 04:55 PM

My daughter loves to play the banjo... makes a nice sound when strumming. She also likes the mandolin. But since my husband has a recording studio of music instruments, she has been playing a long time. I would mention that buying a decent tuner would be key to tuning correctly. And you don't have to use a standard tuning. My husband tunes his strings oddly, but so that they naturally have a beautiful arpeggio .

A Good Toy Guitar
Good Questions

9/2/11 04:51 PM

Glasses are helpful when working with minor projectiles.

Make Blog's 10 Projects for Dads and Kids
6/27/11 11:15 PM

We had a tree split and fall into our house about a week before the 100 or so tornados went through Tn/Al/Ga. Luckily, it hit our covered deck first because it would have torn through my daughter's room at 11 PM. More of the tree fell during the tornado but we were lucky that it only damaged our gutters. However, it was the tree where my daughter's first swing was located. I have many wonderful memories of pushing her in the swing.

When Mother Nature Decides to Redecorate
5/28/11 10:32 AM

Art students are a great source. We also have a thing at a local gallery called called Take Art, Leave Art... bring one of your own pieces and get one. I got several amazing screen prints and etchings this way.

Also, stretching beautiful pieces of fabric is pretty easy... Or even just blocking out chevrons for painting a stretched canvas is not too hard (just a little math!)

Where To Find Large Contemporary Art Pieces?
Good Questions

5/24/11 06:14 PM

I use them on the back of every door that I can get away with using. At the front door, it is perfect for gloves, scarves, hats, etc during the winter. During the summer, gardening gloves, ball caps, sunglasses, umbrella, etc. In the craft room? Check! Bathroom? Check.

10 Things To Store In A Shoe Organizer
5/24/11 06:09 PM

There is some immunological evidence that ingestion of something that is an external allergen turns off the IgE (itchy) response. Native Americans did this. However, there is a chance that if you are severely allergic that you could trigger a really bad response.

Poison Ivy In The Backyard: What Should We Do?
5/24/11 12:46 PM

I believe it was a cup of salt mixed with 2 quarts of vinegar and then 1/4 cup of detergent. I found it on a website when I was trying to get rid of our weeds prior to planting. When I am trying to rid an area of growing something for the next 15 years, I generally salt the earth as well.

Poison Ivy In The Backyard: What Should We Do?
5/23/11 08:59 PM

Vinegar, salt, and dishwashing soap mixed together. Do this right before the sun is brightest and hottest and the leaves will die. Don't burn it because then you will get the distinct pleasure of poison ivy in your throat, lungs, eyes, etc.... the oils will travel with the smoke.

When pulling poison ivy, cover yourself in lotion to limit how much oil can get on you. Buy the paper disposable coveralls and hair should be under a cap. Leave your gloves on when taking the coveralls off. Wash body with soap ASAP.

Poison Ivy In The Backyard: What Should We Do?
5/23/11 04:53 PM

It is best not to feed dogs from elevated bowls. It has been shown to increase the risk for a deadly disease: gastric dilatation and volvulus (bloat). This looks really great and I would certainly like to have our dog's water bowl incorporated into a piece of furniture, but it is not safe, especially with large deep chested dogs.

DIY Solution for Hiding Clutter in a Small Kitchen
3/28/11 10:00 PM

Another very important tool for pet owners is the ASPCA Poison Control Center. It does cost money to use, but that money pays for the salaries of the veterinary toxicologists (they have an extra 4 years of training beyond vet school to attain this status) and technicians that man the phones. The benefits far outweigh the cost. The key is to call prior to going to your vet or the emergency vet hospital. That gives you a case number and your vet can call and talk with the toxicologists to outline the ideal treatment plan. The toxicologists are armed with the latest data and drug information. Plus, if it is nothing, you will avoid the cost of an emergency vet visit, which (at my old hospital) almost twice as much as the toxicology call.
(888) 426-4435

Do You Know How To Contact Poison Control?
3/22/11 02:00 PM

>>>People with kids should try to find blocks with other kids on them to live.<<<<

Mmm, maybe if you wanted to maintain a "peaceful and quiet" community, you could move into a retirement village. They do not allow children. It is not like these people plopped an ugly trailer down in the middle of your dream neighborhood. They have kids, though it sounds like they should have them under better control than to run over to the neighbor's house randomly. Our daughter has never had that issue. But if someone is bitching and moaning about kids playing outside during the day time....seriously??? Were you ever a kid?

Tips and Tricks for Not Annoying the NeighborsGood Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/10/10 04:52 PM

We technically live in East Ridge, TN, but that is really just an offshoot of Chattanooga that pays less taxes. Our house was less expensive due to not being in the "real" city. It was less than $150K and has more room than a family of 3 needs, but we are able to house my husband's recording studio ( ) as well as have a lot that is almost an acre...within walking distance to stores, city hall, the town playground, etc. And it is a nice 1935 house that was redone recently.

Some of the smaller cities have pretty good cultural events too, so don't discount those. Our daughter has been going to art openings, concerts, and whatnot since she was born. The school situation is kinda bleak. We can see the high school from our porch and our house is within walking distance to the elementary school, but these are not up to par with what I consider to be good schools. I am sure that you can get a decent education going there if you work really hard at it, but I would rather just send my daughter to one of the magnet schools or one of the private schools that rate very high.

The City or the Suburbs?The New York Times | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/6/10 02:42 PM

I have used the soapy water with fairly good success on my veggie plants. However, even though this does not talk about parasites on animals, I feel the need to advise everyone against using alternative remedies on their pets. There is no good "natural" heartworm prevention. I have see many dogs on the "natural" medication become positive for heartworms. Same goes for fleas and ticks.
In the 8 years that I have been a vet, EVERY animal that was using alternative treatments had parasites. And considering what ticks transmit, you don't want to take any chances.

I have no horse in this race, I am an emergency vet so I only see the animals with problems and sell no flea/tick stuff or heartworm preventative. I see the ones that are dying from heartworms or the ones that are seizuring from the off the shelf flea and tick stuff.

Plant Pest Remedies Straight from the KitchenPlantTherapy | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/17/10 12:21 PM