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remarkable, beautiful, well done!

Kitchen Before & After: From Blah Brown to Gray and White For $700 Kitchen Remodel
6/8/14 09:49 AM

I love so much about this home and its lovely to see this vibrant young family making the most of all they have achieved.

I would like to ask the owners a quick question. - You have a lovely pool and I was wondering if the deep end is on the other side of the spa or at the extreme left? might seem a funny question but I am having a hard time with my architect and husband on the issue, I feel the shallower end should be on the other side of the spa but my architect feels the deep end should be there? Any comments?

Victoria & Braden's Contemporary Family Home House Tour
5/12/14 09:05 PM

I prefer your old kitchen logo - the new one is . . . BORING! - sorry i know you will have spent big $$$$ changing it!

Please don't get rid go the old logo - :))

Meet Christine Gallary, Our New Food & Cooking Editor
5/12/14 08:12 PM

Very impressive - I didn't really mind the first kitchen but having looked at the after photos it just feels so good. Really love what I can see of the bathroom and that heavy door looks really good!

Kitchen Before & After: From 70s Ski Chalet to Light and Organized Reader Kitchen Remodel
5/12/14 07:58 PM

Is baking soda the same as Bi Carb Soda?

Are Hard-Boiled Eggs Easier to Peel If You Add Baking Soda to the Water? Putting Tips to the Test in The Kitchn
4/17/14 07:07 PM

Congratulations, Great job - Love the navy wall with the white. I like the tiles in the backsplash (not a fan of subway, great alternative), like white appliances.
Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen!! Hope I get there one day!!

TIP - to enjoy it keep it clean an orderly!

Before & After: Lisa & Brian's Brooklyn Kitchen Transformation Sweeten
4/10/14 07:55 PM

that same desk shown was straped to the roof of our car, in its ikea packaging and while on the freeway I realised/feared the car may take off (yes lift off the road), so put my hand out the window to hold it on when off the freeway and not all that far from home (possibly by now my partner was also holding on while driving the car, the police had a spot car check luckily they only made us pull off the road to secure our load better, of course we told them we only just had started doing that and were almost home but . . . we were very lucky!! not sure why you'd ever take it out of the packaging to transport it?? as in the video
We now take plenty of ropes to tie stuff down!!!!

Reader Regrets: An IKEA Oops
4/9/14 02:26 AM

Your've created a lovely space, stylish, you've created "space" and very comfortable. I am very impressed! Your mum must be so proud!!! Please come and teach my daughter (your age) to care for her room at home the way you care and love your apartment! - Any Thoughts?

Jackie's Colorful Upper East Side Home House Tour
4/3/14 10:39 PM

Agree with AnnieOS, or wood a small round table and 2 slim chairs fit - maybe not due to fridge opening? Love it !

Dan's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
4/2/14 05:54 PM

Is this a reason to Unsubcribe from AT?

How To Make $10 Toast at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/1/14 04:47 PM

Boy you guys sure are a negative lot - April fools???? - maybe,

Am I gullible? . . . this is someones home - they have spent time in developing their style - in this case I would say passion.

There is a lot to like here, the style shown is unusual, esp for Honolulu, its middle eastern!! OK maybe its gone a bit too far . . . it is a little

Is this a reason to Unsubcribe from AT?

Jim & Doris' Global Island Oasis House Tour
4/1/14 04:43 PM

Its all been said by now! But I Just wanted to say - so nice, so special, you have made the space your own, its city, its homey, its masculine, its inviting, its wonderful!

Love your skill level, (totally in awe!) why isn't there this level of dedication these days - really one of the best posts/house tours I have ever viewed on AT!

Please teach your skills to others - I can see you its in you!

James' Beautifully Handcrafted Apartment in Clinton Hill House Tour
3/26/14 05:56 PM

Sorry haven't read every post here but maybe some of my ideas will help. (I know I am probably repeating stuff)

Wondering why the fridge and stove are behind those walls and if it wouldn't be better to get rid of the walls and open up the area, you should gain more space certainly visually.

Does the wall serve an insulation purpose around the doorway? - you may have a very harsh climate you need to consider and the alcove helps when coming in from outside. Could one alcove be made into a mini mud room? and give a little character to that area, or small work station/dump bag & keys area, one of each at either end?

I know you then need to relocate the fridge and stove - hmmm!

I don't mind the hardware of the fridge being blocked off from view maybe it even helps with the efficiency of the running of the fridge - to keep it boxed in?

The stove at least is very impractical in its location you have no bench space to put things directly out of the oven.

Secondly too much wood, yes painting a lighter colour will immediately take you away from the woodsy feel. It's all very dated and needs lightening up and modernising.

Not easy, but I wish you all good luck in resolving things and getting a kitchen you are comfortable in.

Ideas for Our VERY Woodsy Kitchen? Good Questions
3/23/14 06:37 PM

That's why to using neutrals as the background can work out cheaper, then your only updating cushions etc., that ware out eventually, towels too. cheers

What's Next: Upcoming Trends in Color Combinations for Interiors
3/19/14 07:34 PM

Dear viabuffalo and KeepinItReal13,

Trims are always interesting (actually difficult might be a better word) when we moved into this house it was basically all monochromatic purpely grey walls with a darker purpley grey trim,(even the ceiling was the same as the walls) not everyones cup of tea but we liked it as we left behind something very similar we had renovated but blueish grey - what we came to was much nicer!!.

When we finally painted the walls became a neutral almond and the ceiling white but we still left the trim the purplish grey and even the doors in the pale purperish grey. - It has looked ok for many years now. Beneath the Stand alone teal wall the darker Purperlish grey trim has looked very nice.

So white isn't always necessary - although the kids rooms and study now have a white trim and a slightly off white walls. One room especially was very dark, so now all are quite bright and white.

What to do in the soon to be renovated areas???? Think we are using dark grey steel windows and I am thinking a white trim sitting next to neutral walls - think husband will want no trims at all??? Still thinking this through.

This article is very timely for me to help me analysis my next colour choices!

So . . . viabuffalo and KeepinItReal13, good luck with your choices!!!!

What's Next: Upcoming Trends in Color Combinations for Interiors
3/19/14 05:35 PM

I love All these trend colours (my favs from my childhood pencil box!) - to some degree they can work together - I'd probably stay with a neutral background palette.

BUT I do have one wall in my home, it's a stand alone and separates my kitchen from my entry, its been painted a mid-dark teal both sides for . . . . 13 years so I'm on trend there! I love it!!!

Although we are planning to do a reno soon in that general area its one thing I Do Not wish to change, its taken a strong stand to keep the architect away from it!!!!

Its a really beautiful calming spot in our home.

On the kitchen side there is an old timber wash stand - in the olden days they would have had a large pitcher and bowl on it. It's mainly timber but has a marble top and a small wall at the back of a beautiful vertical teal tiles approx 8" tall. On the wall above is a Japanese wood cut, 3 panels showing 3 young Japanese ladies walking through lightly falling snow 2 with parasols and 1 carrying Sake vessel and a lantern, the colours of the print are neutrals, teal and terracotta's (purchase in Japan). Its framed classically with a thin black frame. On the top of the dresser is a thin wooden chopping board, on it is very small turkish bowl in a dark read trimmed with black, a wooden tea box, and a terracotta bowl which has 3 terracotta birds sitting on the rim - its very rustic in style. Its the nicest spot in my home and because its adjacent to the kitchen I look at it constantly.

Also currently there is a vase of roses on it, they are brilliant yellow but quickly fade to a strong vermilion - I've fallen in love with these roses, though a week ago I didn't expect be keeping them, I bought them for a friends mother's group friend who was very sick with Cancer, unfortunately and unapparent to us things were moving very fast and she past away within the next 24 hours and today is her funeral - I have christened this rose - "Helen's Rose" in tribute to a beautiful soul, strong and loving, devoted to her family.

The vase is special too a past boy friend who made an excellent choice - probably my favourite vase!, classically swedish in style.

Hey I think this spot is me - its my style!!

What's Next: Upcoming Trends in Color Combinations for Interiors
3/19/14 05:09 PM

WOW this is an old post, can anyone tell me the little stool in photo 5 - is it from ikea? - I haven't seen this one before and its very nice?

Lovely Little Loos: Small Bathrooms with Big Style
2/27/14 09:06 PM

Many nice qualities - Absolutely agree with VFika! A good de-cluttering would work wonders. You guys obviously work from home and I get that its difficult in this environment to keep things orderly.

Think of it this way . . . You cannot appreciate the nice things with all the stuff on show all the time.

And I don't get the chair and stool blocking the doorway?? or the knife in the book - sorry

Laura & Ray's Art-Filled Austin Home House Tour
2/24/14 04:55 PM

Let's face it, right up until the chosen word "disgusting", you made a valid point, not one everyone is going to agree with, but to use the word "disgusting" is a very low blow, you just should not have have used such a word.

Back in the 70's her menu would have been quite revolutionary! and she was pro-activate in tackling her problem - she didn't give up or give in and her children were fed - and I am pretty sure they would have inherited her drive, commitment and good common sense. She is a mum who did her best!

How Lesley Cooper Fed Her Family for Less Than $2 a Day
2/8/14 04:40 PM

Only just caught up with these great ideas - brilliant!, common sense prevails of course, and what appeals most to your daily routine is very important, but if you only take on a few suggestions as to what is do-able for your situation thats got to be good for you and the environment.

I have learnt its what you do when you bring home your vegies that will determine the length of time you can get out of them.

Celery is very easy to store!
I use heaps of celery as I have 2 family members who can't handle onion and garlic.
I always buy a whole celery. I wash it, trim & cut it down, air dry the stalks a while (in the dish drainer), store in a bag (as I always have extra) or container (I do use one of the T-Brand one with air ducts - works extremely well!) and it lasts a very long time (often 2-3 weeks), and is ready to use at a moments notice! - I love this convenience.

I will often take the end off the celery and dunk the whole thing in a pitcher of water to revitalise it before trimming it down. Must admit I'm not big into using the tops, but encourage my husband to give the bottoms to his birds to munch on.

I ALWAYS wash strawberries when I bring them home and leave them to dry, spread out on paper towel before storing them loosely in a container. They last much longer, nothing worse than needing to ditch the whole lot 24 hrs after purchase.

Waste Not! Five Delicious Uses for Common Kitchen Scraps
12/31/13 08:01 PM