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Lindsay, beautiful home! Like others, I love your paint choices. Do tell, what is the green color in the kitchen (and is that the same color in the living room? Thanks for sharing your home!

Lindsay's Lovely Southern Vintage Home House Call
3/23/14 01:45 PM

Hi Abby-- you've touched off quite a lot of self-disclosure with your post! I'm wondering where your sheets are from-- they look really nice. Thanks!

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9/22/11 01:21 PM

Any idea where that wallpaper might be from? It's cute!

A Problem-Solver Bedroom | Apartment Therapy New York
1/15/10 08:56 AM

As others have said, I find your home calming and comfortable. I was wondering where your living room coffee table is from? It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

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10/15/09 01:26 PM