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If I had enough space for 2 tubs, I would put in one big jacuzzi.

His and Hers Bathtubs? Hot or Not | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/9/10 12:53 PM

It's a little much for the whole room, but would look great on one wall!

Fake Flower "Wallpaper" by Front Design | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/24/10 12:19 PM

I pile junk mail and other odds and ends into laundry hampers and then pile them in the bedroom. If it's the type of friend who wants to see the bedroom, they go in the closet.

I've also stuffed things under the bed, under the desk (it faces the room, so the leg space isn't visible unless you're sitting at it), and really anywhere else I can find. I tend to avoid the kitchen because we usually have someone over for food, so there's a higher chance we'll actually need the appliance we've stored things in.

Wacky Hiding Places | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/16/10 12:17 PM

The problem isn't that there is a TV there, it's that there is too much there. The fabric looks just as busy as the TV. If you have to hide the TV, do one big piece of fabric that also hides the door and take down the mirror (and possibly the poster and hanger). There is way too much going on behind the TV.

That said, I don't know why you need to hide the TV. People have TVs and they watch them. It's too big for the space, but adding the same sized piece of fabric doesn't help that. The space needs to be simplified.

How To Hide Your TV Using Fabric | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/16/10 12:13 PM

1. If you negotiate terms different from the different lease, make sure the new lease reflects those terms. Most leases have a clause that says that the written document is the final agreement, and any verbal agreements are void. That's a tough clause to overcome in court.

2. Are the units separately metered? If not, ask to see the utility bills for the last few months (make sure you get some of winter in there). How does the building deal with vacant units? Does the company cover their costs and the increase in common electricity, or are the remaining tenants responsible for it. Something that I would have never considered until I moved to the east coast, but in older building there are not separate meters. A friend had her electric bill more than double when there was a high vacancy rate because the complex divided the electricity for the common areas among the tenants.

3. PARKING. Both for you and for guests. Can guests park in the lot? Is there plenty of parking on the street?

4. What is expected of you at move-out? I had a landlady that advertised "fully refundable deposit." Come to find out, we were responsible for all cleaning, including professional carpet cleaners. It was fine, since we just used our deposit to pay for it, but still it would have been nice to know up front that we would have to spend money to get it up to what she expected.

10 Questions To Ask Before You Sign A Lease | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/14/10 11:02 AM

Emilyb - I got one in high school. I don't remember where I got it, it was actually prescribed by a doctor for SAD (Seasonal despression). But I'm sure you could find it online too.

How To: Dress Your Bedroom Windows for Healthy Sleep | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/9/10 12:51 PM

My mother always told me it was bad luck to keep decorations up after New Years Day, so we would take them down on the first. But I've never heard that from anyone else, so I'm starting to think she made it up when my sister and I wanted to keep the tree up longer and she just wanted it down.

We take all the overtly Christmas stuff down on the first, but leave the winterty stuff like wreaths, white lights, and snow men up through Feburary.

Twelfth Night: Time to Take Down Christmas Decorations | Apartment Therapy New York
1/6/10 01:18 PM

Maybe one solution is to reorganize your routine too. I got in the habit of picking my outfit out the night before and putting in on the chair at my desk. That cut done on the last minute disaster. It let me make sure everything was clean and ironed.

As far as the closet, if you can, organize by type - all work clothes together, weekend clothes, etc. That way you can open the "work" side of the closet and see what you have available. I'm with you - I need to visualize things together before it occurs to me to wear them.

How Should I Organize This Closet? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/6/10 01:13 PM

I grew up in Alaska, where the sun comes up around 11 am in the winter, and it never really gets dark in summer, so I've always used blackout blinds. Even now I usually get up before the sun, so it's useless to have blinds that let the sun in. I use a dawn light - it simulates the dawn by slowly getting brighter the closer to my alarm going off.

How To: Dress Your Bedroom Windows for Healthy Sleep | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/6/10 01:08 PM

As the roomie that would have been more likely to be the slob, here's my advice:

1. How messy is messy for you? I had a roommate that would flip out if I draped a coat over a chair when I got home. It wouldn't be there for more than the 10 minutes it took me to make a snack before going upstairs to my room. Recognize that people have different standards, and there may be somewhere you can compromise, or just live with it. (My messiness tended to be mostly clutter, I never let anything rot and cleaned up anything stinky).

2. If it's not something you can live with, ask yourself, do you want to remain friends with your roommates when you move out? Because nagging, demanding house meetings, creating charts, etc. will not win you any friends. If your roommates don't want to clean, no amount of meetings will make them. Even if they do, they'll hate you for it if you either tell them what to do, or get really passive-agressive.

3. If you do want to stay friends, talk to them about it, one on one. Tell them how it makes you feel, and see if you can figure out why they are messy. For me, it's that clutter just doesn't bother me. It never has. As a result, I don't notice it. Once the second roommate (the one I didn't hate) explained how much it bothered her, I really tried to make an effort to straighten up. And she was nice about it, not totally passive agressive. And although we decided not to keep living together, we're still good friends.

Help! Everyone Except Me is a Slob! Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/24/09 02:47 PM

I probably wouldn't do this to the whole kitchen, but I have a long kitchen with a window at the end. Something like this might look good on that wall, mostly because there's not actually that much wall space. I don't particularly like the recipe cards, but old postcards look fun.

Another option would be to frame a few in cheap frames and hang them on the wall.

DIY Kitchen Wallpaper: Vintage Recipe Cards | Apartment Therapy Boston
11/23/09 11:26 AM

My husband and I have a "splurge" savings account just for things like this. Every month we put a part of what's left after bills, rent, etc. into this account. We'll only splurge if (1) we have enough in the account to pay cash, and (2) we've thought about the purchase for at least a week (sometimes longer if it's a more substantial purchase).

So if your friend can pay cash without foregoing other things she needs more, then by all means, go for it.

One thing to be careful about though, is to make sure you love something, and not just the idea of something. There are pieces I just had to have because they looked so good in the showroom or were on sale, but when I got them home they just didn't really fit.

Design Choices: Splurging On Something For Your Home | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/23/09 10:41 AM

I have sent flowers to my grandfather for his birthday and holidays. He doesn't need anything, but seems to like flowers that brighten up his apartment. His birthday is in the winter, so I send red roses and evergreen arrangements. The dark colors seem "masculine" (i.e. not fro-fro-y).

At our wedding, my husband was not a big fan of the fro-fro-y centerpieces I had picked out. We ended up going with a non-floral centerpiece, pots of rosemary and lavander. The added bonus was that they smelled fantastic.

I have to agree with Evergirl. It's not necessarily a gender issue, but a style issue. And I think the men in my life don't like flowers because they're trained not to like flowers, and thus, most flower arrangements are in styles that traditionally appeal to women. I think that there are floral arrangements that appeal to men, they just are very hard to find because men aren't supposed to like them.

Masculine Flower Arrangements: Is There Such A Thing, Really? | Apartment Therapy New York
11/23/09 09:30 AM

I put an old jar or can outside, if I don't, I'll find butts all over my porch. I can't imagine someone lighting up inside.

Do You Put Out Ashtrays for Party Guests? Survey | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/14/09 10:40 AM

I assume you can press a leaf the same way you press flowers. I have an old flower press that my mother gave me when I was younger. You want to put it between a few piece of paper (an old book works, like big textbooks or law books, but be careful, because it will ruin the paper), and put a ton of weight on it. Leave it for about a week, and it will be flat and preserved in the color.

For fall leaves, you can use wax paper because there isn't as much moisture to absord during the pressing process.

Leaves in Floating Frames | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/13/09 11:17 AM

One thing that people forget is the phone. I wipe down my phone at work and and home at least once a day. Clorox wipes are a godsend. I also wipe down my keyboard at work. Does anyone know anything that is safe to disinfect a laptop keyboard? I'm afraid to use wipes because I don't want the moisture to get into the computer.

Thorndale - I totally understand the purell by the door, a good friend of mine had cancer about a year ago, and she did the same thing. One thing that she did that was nice was to have a bottle of lotion by the purell. It dries your hands out so much, especially during the winter, and if people aren't prepared to use it, it may make their hands uncomfortable until they can get home. Not necessary, but a nice gesture if you can.

Staying Flu-Free When Everyone Else In The House Is Sick | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/9/09 05:13 PM

What!?! Buying a bunch of stuff won't make my life organized?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Tina Fey as Liz Lemon on "Decorganizing" Good Quotes
11/3/09 10:11 AM

The only thing I *need* on that list is my cell phone (no landline, so it's the only phone I have) and my car (if we didn't have it, we would have to move to a more walkable neighborhood).

The microwave, home computer, washer and dryer, dishwasher, and internet aren't necessary, but sure make life easier.

The rest of it is fun, but I could part with if I had to.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Do You Really Need That?
11/3/09 10:05 AM

If you do allow the tenant to pick the color, make sure you keep some control (like giving them a list to choose from) if you're paying the painters. The last thing you want is for them to pick something you hate, and then have to pay to redo it when they move out.

I personally like ChrisGal's suggestion - cream trim and beige walls.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Paint Colors for a Rental House? Good Questions
11/3/09 09:58 AM

I had this problem. I got a large evergreen wreath and placed some ornaments in that. I've also seen people who place a large piece of lace hanging off the mantle and putting ornaments there (not an option if your cats are as mischevious as mine though...).

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ideas for Displaying Holiday Ornaments Without a Tree? Good Questions
11/3/09 09:50 AM