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I have a Mickey Mantle model little league bat near my bed. You don't want a bat that's too big or you might not have enough room to swing!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Do You Keep a Bat Under the Bed?
1/8/09 08:45 PM

I have the Shepard Fairey "Hope" print, but it's not on my wall. I think it's historically important piece of art, by one of my favorite artists. I gave one to my sister and she has it framed on her wall. My girlfriend had one too, but she sold it for $4500!

Apartment Therapy DC | Survey: Obama Art In DC Museums... and Your Home?
1/8/09 08:01 PM

unfortunately, i keep everything. Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home, Dwell, Architectural Digest, House & Garden (from '96 til they stopped), MOJO (music mag), Vanity Fair, and many more! I totally have a problem, that I'm trying to address! I've been thinking of going through some of them and saving the pages I like, but does anyone have any good ways to keep them. I did this awhile ago, but then I just ended up having a stack of random unorganized pages, that's hard to go through.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Which Magazines Do You Save AND Go Back To?
10/4/08 12:24 PM

Here's a cool pic of artist Shepard Fairey's office pulled from the internets. He's got the album thing going and a lot more...

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? The "Madonna Wall" (Madonna Records as Wall Art)
9/19/08 05:23 AM

I like the idea, but does look like it needs an extra row on the bottom. Gotta get some more 12" remixes! My girlfriend did something similar with our Fillmore concert posters, which we change out every now and then. It looks really good and and gets high marks from visitors.

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? The "Madonna Wall" (Madonna Records as Wall Art)
9/18/08 03:34 PM

i'm not so sure about getting married at IKEA, but I did meet my girlfriend at the Emeryville store 3.5 years ago!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Get Married At....IKEA?
5/29/08 09:53 PM

I bought a photobooth on ebay. It was totally on a whim, and it turned out to be too big and too heavy to be in my second story flat. And after research I realized it's not super easy to just have around (changing chemicals every couple weeks, etc.). It's been hanging out in a shipping container for a couple years now. I keep thinking someday I'll have room!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Extra-Large Ebay Extravagnce
4/10/08 10:33 AM

I have this exact poster hanging in the same way. Most of these large vintage advertising posters are mounted on archival paper and then linen, which stabilizes the fragile paper and makes it a lot sturdier. In this picture the clips are not actually touching the original poster, just the backing.

As for where you could find these posters, there are some shops that specialize in them. If you're in the bay area, there's a guy at the Alameda Flea Market that specializes in large vintage advertising posters. He might not currently have this one, but you could ask. Also, there's one for sale right now on eBay. Search keyword "FAVOR POSTER" and scroll to the bottom of the screen. The seller is in Australia, and the buy it price is $1300 AU. It's actually been up for months, if not a year, so maybe the price is high, but I'm guessing that's what you might find in a shop. I got mine years ago from a poster gallery in New York for a bit less...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Binder Clips for Art
4/2/08 10:54 AM

Thanks for all this renters insurance talk. My car insurance company didn't offer renters insurance until recently, so I kept putting it off. I also thought it was super expensive. I'm adding it to my "Cure" to-do list this week!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Renters Insurance
3/18/08 01:52 PM

Thanks! I just signed up. I'll post my nightmare pics later today. Just showed my co-worker and he couldn't believe I live like that. I can't either. That's why I'm here! ...It's super embarrassing, but at least I can hide behind an internet identity!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Spring Cure: Week One - The Beginning
3/11/08 12:53 PM

Is it too late to join? I have a DISASTER area I'd like to attack!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Spring Cure: Week One - The Beginning
3/10/08 08:21 PM

great ape!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Gift Bag 2007: Win a David Weeks Skulrilla from Design Public
12/20/07 11:12 AM

how perfect, my little bird niece is just learning to sit.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Holiday Gift Bag #12: Chick Chair
12/18/07 11:17 PM

i'd get my stove fixed!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Holiday Gift Bag 2007: Win a Le Creuset 6-Piece Set in Caribbean
12/18/07 11:13 PM