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I'm calling this holiday season "A Very Crafty Christmas." Sounds like a children's book. I am knitting/baking/printing/sewing all presents this year. Should be fun!

My Handmade Christmas Starts Now
9/17/11 05:19 AM

I'm glad others eat salad with their hands. Me too. Let's start a club.

What else are we supposed to do when served a salad at a restaurant with those giant awkward pieces of greens?

Eating Food With Your Hands
8/20/11 03:31 AM

I will most likely be canceling my Netflix before the price hike. I understand that costs need to go up, but mine will jump from $10 to $16. I know that $6 isn't the end of the world, but I don't like the idea that there isn't an option to bundle the two (streaming + DVDs) together. Feels like Netflix execs (or those that provide the streaming conent) are getting greedy. I also love that there's no way to contact Netflix except to call. Not that I want to send them a crazy angry rant, but I would like to tell them I'm disappointed with these new charges in writing.

Why Netflix's Price Hike Might Make Me Cancel for Good
7/14/11 03:18 AM

I made a pear-blackberry pie a few years ago and it was amazing. I don't know why I haven't done it again... may have to rectify that soon!

Summer Flavors: What Are Your Favorite Fruit Combos?
7/2/11 02:20 AM

Yep. Awesome cocoa powder. i got pretty excited too when I discovered it.

Try This: SACO's Premium Cocoa Powder
5/7/11 05:09 AM

Not that I can afford it I'm sure, but I LOVE that sofa in the first photo. Any ideas on where to source it from?

Inspiration: Round Rugs
4/18/11 12:25 PM

Yes, I've been to The Meadow many times and it really is a gem of a store. The small jars of salt make great little unexpected gifts. It's also in an all-around great neighborhood (which I unfortunately don't live in).

Store Profile: The Meadow
Portland, Oregon

3/17/11 02:20 AM

It elevates the humble (or not) children's book and highlights some great design. Not juvenile at all! I picked up a couple old children's books at a thrift store and am thinking of salvaging a few of the pages to frame, but I'm not tired of what's on my walls enough to make a change yet. Looks great!

Before & After: Using Childrens Books as Art
3/10/11 02:42 AM

pudding. I love pudding. In plastic cups with a foil peel-off lid, in a graham cracker crust and called pie... oh pudding.

Do You Have a Secret Food?
2/1/11 02:20 AM

I haven't used this mix in awhile, but I thought the brownies were pretty great. I remember them being a bit gooey and definitely not finger food but still tasting yummy. Sounds like I'm the only one,

Product Review: Trader Joe's Gluten-Free Brownie Mix
1/19/11 10:22 PM

I'm making a vegan cassoulet tomorrow, even though it suddenly warmed up here in Portland. And thanks for dedicating a week to vegan food! I don't think it's the right eating plan for all, but everyone could benefit from eating meals that are less meat-centric. And vegan cookies are amazing (but not to be confused with health food)!

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of January 15-17, 2011

1/15/11 04:41 AM

Tastebud's bagels are pretty amazing and so is their pizza. They are usually set up at all the farmers markets toting a wood-fired oven (in the winter). I also live by the year-round Hillsdale Farmer's Market which I love. It's not huge, but just big enough.

Baker & Spice makes the best pastries in town, and their bread is amazing too. Try the maple twist at the savory galette. (Better than Pearl Bakery, in my opinion).

I love Portland so much, but I must also give a shout to amazing beer out of Eugene too. Ninkasi is served a bunch of places in Portland on tap or for purchase in stores.

Food-Lover's Guide to Portland, Oregon
The best markets, artisans, and shops for cooks

11/13/10 07:36 PM

Bring on the Aardvark! I moved to Portland recently and discovered the Secret Aardvark at a local breakfast joint. Now I'm addicted, but I also like Tapatio and rooster sauce. Can't stand Tabasco though.

Sriracha to Tabasco: What's Your Favorite Hot Sauce?
9/23/10 11:51 PM