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Would love to know more about some of the areas mentioned here (Roxbury, Roslindale and Hyde Park, etc). A more complete guide would be nice, but the City of Boston article linked above is not it. I love history, but what most folks moving here need is a broad overview of what to expect in neighborhoods off mass transit, what distinguishes them, and how they rank in overall affordability. So you start with places like Beacon, B.Bay at the upper end of pricing and work down through the others. The lack of us sharing our real world experiences in the city is real disservice to the accessibility of Boston. Over a year into exploring, I'm still lost in places like JP, Dorchester, or Roxbury. Joined a Meetup group, Boston Neighborhood Explorers, just to get better acquainted with all the different districts. They all have their own character and (contrary to what many say here) I actually think several of the ones mentioned here are overviewed pretty well. Please do add in your own experiences in your neighborhood. This remains one of the top-hits when searching for Boston neighborhoods so why not share your experiences with others who will stumble on this down the line?

A Renter's Life in Boston: The Inside Scoop Apartment Therapy Renters Guide
9/26/13 12:00 PM