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That pendant is often available on one kings lane
Happens to be hanging in my dining room as well and happens to be one of my favorite lighting statements.

The Look for Less: Jessica & Scott's Breakfast Nook on a Budget
5/7/14 03:28 PM

As much as I agree the the missing hammer is a disappointment it is a nice gift idea. I have the flashlight in a larger size that I love. It is the brightest flashlight I've ever had and I can leave it out because its just so darn pretty.

Tool Set by Jonas Damon
11/29/10 06:20 PM

I've restored some eames shell fiberglass chairs with pretty good results so I imagine that could work for you. I used the directions from chairfag http://chairfag.com/?p=3
Hopefully this helps.

Tips on Restoring Fiberglass Lampshades? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
4/28/10 06:27 PM

I had a similar problem with a bed frame from West Elm. I removed the plastic protective caps from the corners of the mattress and with a little finesse and putting the mattress straight in instead of one end at a time I was able to make it work.

How Should Mattress Fit in My New West Elm Bed? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
4/19/10 06:44 PM

I have the CB2 option in dark wood and metal base so I cant speak to the quality of the white. I can however say that I think this option is much sturdier then what I have seen in Ikea. I couldn't be happier with it.

Which is Better: DOCKSTA or Odyssey? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/15/10 07:46 PM

LuaBear you can usually find plasti-dip in the paint section of most home improvement stores. I know its right next to the spray paint at my local lowes and home depot.

DIY Rubber Origami Ornaments | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/7/09 10:51 PM

cbauch: I see them in antique stores especially some of the larger antique malls that carry a variety of things. I have also seen them in the tools section on cragislist.

I have several from my grandfather and great grandfather and have them displayed in my living room. I still use two of them when I build my own canvases. I think I'll have to use this as a reference when people ask what they are. Thanks!

Apartment Therapy New York | Know Your Tools: Hand Planes WoodWise
11/2/09 06:08 PM

I'm so sad to see this. Williamsburg paint is the most amazing oil paint you could ever ask for and I've always loved the story of the company and knowing where and how the products I use as an artist come from.

Apartment Therapy New York | Carl Plansky (1951-2009): Artist Founder of Williamsburg Paints
10/14/09 06:59 PM