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The head chef - who does not live in the house - ALWAYS gets a room to himself with a queen sized bed. He may share it with whomever he wishes or bring extra guests. :-P

Holiday Hosting Hierarchy: How Do You Decide Who Sleeps Where?
11/22/13 02:48 PM

Off topic: Technical issue
lately I have been having problems seeing images on apartment therapy. I have no issues with images on other websites.Usually once the images have been up for a day or more I can see them, but the newest ones only display broken links (like this post). Am I the only one with those issues?

Tyler & Lucas' Scandinavian MCM Room Kids Room Tour
8/13/13 03:23 PM

Anybody have a suggestion for my recent expensive (time and money) design mistake? We are fixing up an old cabin and started with the paint (everything was the color of the kitchen cabinets). I chose white.... Painting all the beams was more work than I thought possible. Anybody have an idea for a relatively inexpensive fix that will work even before the funky green carpet gets replaced? video here:

How Do You Deal with Design Mistakes?
7/22/13 06:47 PM

anybody else have problems with the new gallery feature? Photos won't load :-(

Chris Lynn's Sunny & Simple Austin Abode House Tour
7/22/13 06:40 PM

Brilliant. I am humbled by her creativity.

Before & After: From Public Restroom to Home Sweet Home The Telegraph
7/22/13 06:29 PM

ha ha ha... planning what's that?
i like the pinterest route, but haven't used it after setting it up.
what seems to work for me is to bookmark anything i REALLY like
i also print things and hang them up. after looking at them for a week, most of it is not interesting anymore and comes down. the rest i take a picture with and keep on my phone in a folder for design.
i also doodle and if i come up with something i don't want to lose, i take a picture of it with my phone.
i also use excel when i am getting very serious about something to keep track of options and minimum/maximum estimates of costs.

How Do You Plan Your Design Projects?
7/22/13 06:22 PM

Half mirrored window film. Mirror on the outside, but still able to look out. Doesn't work at night, so you will still need blinds or curtains for the night.

A Sudden Lack Of Privacy: How Do You Handle It?
5/28/13 05:08 PM

Seeing the comments, you have obviously done a superb job at creating spacious feel for a small space. If you analyze the design, you can see that it could work with 200 (or even 300) square feet less as well (smaller loft, smaller living room and smaller kitchen). It is all in the design (windows to kitchen and STAIRS! high ceilings, light colors, and notice the clever use of mirrors!) - keeping the furnishings to a minimum, not many tschochkes, spare use of art, great lighting, great use of materials. My absolute favorite.

Audrey's Architectural Interest Small Cool Contest
5/10/13 10:46 AM

And another cabin - blog just started:

Cabin Fever: Small Retreats with Style
5/1/13 02:00 PM

Fantastic, goes so well with the style!!!

Before & After: Revamped 1970s Plywood Chair
5/1/13 01:04 PM

Awesome! Wow. I would have just wrinkled my nose and walked right by that dresser. People never accuse me of not having vision, but I really didn't see that. Great job. If you follow VixVax's suggestion, please send an updated photo!!!

Before & After: Dated Dresser Redo
5/1/13 01:04 PM

Awesome! Wow. I would have just wrinkled my nose and walked right by that dresser. People never accuse me of not having vision, but I really didn't see that. Great job. If you follow VixVax's suggestion, please send an updated photo!!!

Before & After: Dated Dresser Redo
5/1/13 01:03 PM

Got rid of my storm door. And never looked back. :-)

Curb Appeal: Cottage Style Front Doors
5/1/13 12:17 PM

I want doors like that for my regular closet!

Brandy's All In One Home Office, Craft Space, and Guest Room DeskTops
4/10/13 03:04 PM

I love the look of low wooden decks. I think they can be done without the danger of rot, as KKatMpls has mentioned. What I am worried about is that they provide shelter for a lot of unsavory small mammals close to the house... I would love to hear that there is no problem with that...

Low Wooden Decks: Yea or Nay?
4/9/13 02:04 PM

Did you know that there are shower caddies which are not rust-proof? Okay, my bad for not checking the label to see if the metal shower caddy was rust-proof or at least rust-resistant, but I didn't even think that something with "shower" in the name would NOT be rust-proof. Who makes shower caddies which show rust a week after installation???

Anyway, here's hoping my comment will prevent someone else from making that particularly assumption before buying.

8 Ways to Rescue a Rental Bathroom Renters Solutions
4/8/13 01:14 PM

Friends of mine are planning to put a urinal into their next bathroom remodel. A bit unusual, but on second thought, I'm all on board with that one!

Strong Feelings about Bathroom Decor
4/8/13 01:06 PM

I should have taken a picture of one of our closet - NOT a walk-in closet. Took out the sliding doors and put the crib/bed in. Kid slept there until he was 6 (when we graduated to a bigger apartment and he graduated to his own room) He liked to pull the curtains shut (instead of doors). I suppose it was a bit like a fort or cave. - Be careful what you do with your kids in the formative years. He's still a cave-dweller. Now he graduated to our basement apartment.

Creating Nurseries Out of Closets Renters Solutions
3/28/13 05:07 PM

This is the reason I only wear dedicated sleepwear on special occasions.

If you sleep in something fit to go running in, all you have to do in the morning is to put your running shoes on when you take the dog out. You're not likely to catch me walking the dogs in blue pyjamas decorated with little pink albatrosses. :-P

Anything Goes? Acceptable Dog-Walking Wear
1/25/13 11:41 AM

I updated my laundry situation a few months ago and am so happy with it, that I thought I'd share:

I have the ubiquitous IKEA expedit shelves in my bedroom. I bought the wicker inserts for the bottom row and use those as my laundry basketS: one for darks, one for lights, one for whites and one for delicates/handwash. If you have the unit with the 5 cubbies, you can use one basket for dryclean clothes.

Yes, they are smallish, but I have automatically separated laundry and when one basket is full, I take it to the washer. If you really stuff the basket, it makes one full load.

High & Low: Laundry Hampers
1/10/13 02:58 PM