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Salmon pretzel recipe? I agree, simplify the menu and promise to make him some of those goodies another day.

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1/16/14 06:36 PM

If this is my sister, I have some good recipes we can make together. (I'm assuming there's only one Morgan in Denver... ha!)

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1/9/13 09:11 AM

I'm reluctant to say this because I don't want the wait to be any longer than it usually is but the Dumpling House in Chinatown is AMAZING and cheap.

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7/21/12 10:48 AM

That picture is of my cute friend!

I don't get anything off the street.. bed bugs are too risky.

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8/5/11 04:41 PM

I love this shelf above her dresser with all of the white porcelain objects on it. Also, love that Ork poster of Boston! I have the same one in my bathroom.

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2/23/11 09:47 PM

Ooph, I'd go stir-crazy fast.

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4/29/10 09:18 AM


I find these uncluttering rules helpful.

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4/7/10 05:19 PM

I like both really, but I can't imagine doing my business in a Monet.

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3/31/10 03:34 PM

Same problem. Her I got to heat the oven and then I realize I'm actually baking some pringles or something. I don't trust myself enough.

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12/7/09 11:34 AM