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These are some interesting comments. My bf and I have lived without a microwave mostly because we've moved a lot and didn't want to lug the things around. Some of our apartments have been incredibly tiny, always had extremely tiny kitchens (like the two of us could barely stand in them together much less cook together or open any of the cabinet/fridge doors). I don't miss the microwave & usually we reheat things in the oven. I guess we don't mind the heat cos even in summertime DC weather it's not that bad (we open the windows/doors/just deal with it). Rice reheated comes out fine, Chinese takeout is refried on the stove. Indian food actually tastes reaaaaaally great reheated in the oven (dumped on top of the rice with naan in a foil). Steaming happens on the stove either with a strainer in a pot of water with a lid on top or in our double boiler pot thingys. Just stir them halfway through. Potatoes can be a pain in the butt but generally we boil then bake. Oh, and grilled cheese. Man I love some grilled cheese though the only way I knew how to do it was toast the bread, then heat it in the microwave when I was little. I felt very fulfilled when I managed to make my first perfect grilled cheese on the stove! I don't clean sponges in any way other than rinsing, squeezing, setting it on something with drainage so it can dry and replacing probably every two weeks or so. I am just not that worried about germs/bacteria (my bf likes to rinse off food he drops on the floor if he's going to cook it on the stove anyway hah)...

Yes, it does take a little more time. In the morning I usually put leftovers in the oven, take a shower, get ready to go and they're done by that time. For some foods, like say chow fun leftovers we just heat them up directly on the stove and it doesn't take long at all. Generally we have to plan meals but reheating in the oven isn't really so bad, you can do it while you're doing something else. We eat vegetarian so we don't have to deal with defrosting meat. Though when I was growing up we had a microwave yet my mother would just put the meat in the fridge before she left for work so it would thaw.

I don't really have any opinion on having a microwave or not, it's just not something that we really cared to carry around all the times we moved or spend money on when we finally got to a place. I am curious about this bleaching of vegetables and don't get it... Also, bepsf I always cook my fritatta in the broiler! Maybe like two minutes or so in the broiler at the end of cooking but I always turn the pan around halfway through so it doesn't scorch :) It just makes the top and sides nice and crispy. Maybe I will try going with the oven all the way next time though.

Live Without: A Microwave Small Space Solutions | Apartment Therapy New York
4/14/10 02:26 AM

i don't think it stops when a person finds a partner. i think it stops temporarily and then people go back to their old habits of being messy. my bf and i are both rather cluttery, tonight i did yesterday's dishes so i'm not a neat freak by far but i think like other people have mentioned, taking a few minutes out of the day to put clothes away, wash dishes, wipe down the counter helps. it always seems like a drag, i personally like to blast metal and just start doing something - usually the dishes then that leads to picking up clothes, wiping down surfaces and sweeping. once you start you realize how much better things are looking and if you keep moving and don't dote on how much it's going to suck, you can actually get a lot done in 15 minutes! once a week we have laundry day (if you can afford it, there are drop off laundromats where you can come back later to pick up and pay by the pound), every other week i clean the toilet/mop and it's all good. oh and clean out your closets/home twice a year, the motivation in that is seeing your friend's happy faces when they get "new old" stuff & thinking about all the things you can fit into your closet now.

The Single Life: Finding the Motivation To Clean | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/18/09 02:59 AM