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It's like walking into Z Gallerie, lol! This is lovely, they succeeded in creating a glitzy, expensive look for what (I'm guessing) was not TOO terribly much money.

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12/6/10 12:18 PM

So where is the line between an "appropriate" number of children and an "ecologically responsible" number of children? If you have two children, isn't that more "selfish" than having one? Isn't having any children at all - unless you are of superior genetic, moral, financial, etc. status - a little selfish? Yet I'm sure most of you posting have at least one child, if not two or more.

Are You Watching 9 by Design on Bravo? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/20/10 11:54 AM

I have that exact same bedding from Macys, and my walls are still white to this day because I couldn't settle on a color I liked enough to pair with it. I thought about chocolate with cream accents, but I think I really like the idea of a nice green/yellow. Although, my lease is up in a few months, so painting right now would probably be a waste of time and money :/

Color Ideas That Works With Blue Bedding? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/4/10 10:23 PM

while cute, i don't think i'd want to put candies inside of a toilet paper roll...i can't stop thinking about all the germs that live there!

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12/23/09 03:34 PM

phillyMichelle: I think the clock is the Metropolis wall clock from CB2.

Hunter's Dramatic DIY House Call | Apartment Therapy DC
11/23/09 11:43 AM

I absolutely love the first picture and the idea of stacking plates and platters with other dinnerware like mugs, glasses, and bowls to create a tiered display for serving food! Now there's no need to rush out and purchase a tiered server for all of your holiday baked goodies. And I love the versatility of can mix and match your plates to create just the right look! It's the little ideas like this one that make this site simply amazing :)

Setting A Party Table From Your Own Backyard | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
11/20/09 03:34 PM

I love this DIY! I really like the high gloss applied over the walnut stain, which is contrasted so nicely by the crisp, bright white. Very sexy. I feel inspired by this project, which is so simple and obvious, but makes a world of difference in an otherwise plain piece of furniture.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Before After: Kate's Ikea Rast Dresser Hack Two-Toned Dressers
10/24/09 09:58 PM

I love how these two VERY different styles are blended. It's very unusual, and being a southern girl as well as a lover of all things mid-century modern, I find it very appealing.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | A Modern Southwestern by Van Patter Design
10/15/09 11:38 PM