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Beautiful! I love how open the home is to nature. What paint color was used in the dining room/kitchen?

Karen & Dave's Accessible Renovation
House Tour

4/6/11 01:59 AM

This place is stunning. You have a really good sense of proportion.

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/5/11 11:58 PM

I'm from Rock Hill too. What a great space. I love the refinished sofa - did you also have the base painted?

The only thing I would change is the scale of the mirror above the fireplace.

Rashon's Thrifted Treasures
4/5/11 11:51 PM

By US Navy ship standards, these quarters are palatial. There is only one man on the ship who gets such a large bedroom. It would have been interesting to see the three-high berths featured. Now THAT is tight living.

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Spaces Aboard the USS Intrepid#comments
10/22/09 06:02 PM

The walls of my home are done in Benjamin Moore's Silhouette -- a deep chocolate grey. We have floor to ceiling, wall to wall windows that face east, and since we have a water view, I didn't want to spoil it with curtains. The dark wells keep me from needing sunglasses in the morning.

I've found that the key to making my home look cheerful is reflective surfaces -- I polish my wood, use glass where possible, and buy metals muted tones.

Apartment Therapy DC | Dramatic Dark Decor
10/19/09 02:43 PM