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this home is simply delectable!

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12/17/09 05:47 PM

not so small (paul) a'tall!

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11/30/09 07:08 PM


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11/30/09 07:07 PM

amy, the murals are divine. avery is a lucky li'l so-and-so!

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11/9/09 01:54 PM

your talents and industry are exceptional. henry is definitely "one lucky dude." my hope for him is that he will still want to see the world after having a room like this to enjoy as his own! kudos to you all.

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11/4/09 05:12 PM

i've lived in a loft space for years, and one of the primary reasons why i moved into the space was for the gorgeous light and windows, so i was adamant about NOT putting window treatments on the windows. for my child, i configured an area along a wall that could be enclosed in heavy drapes to keep light (and some sound) out. i see that many of your comments are alluding to that option, which is a good one. i would, however, move the bed completely at least a few inches from the wall so no part of the bed touches the wall. i'd also have the sleeping area carpeted or have a rug underneath the bedroom furniture as sound vibrations tend to travel through the concrete floors and ceilings as well as through wall studs (especially if they're metal).
oh, and welcome to loft life!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Challenges of Living in a Loft Space
10/20/09 05:23 PM

my greatest splurge for my three cats (and, honestly, it's for me, too) has been the cat cocoon by one form design:

it is made from cardboard and is simply gorgeous. my cats climb on it, sit inside it (for peaceful moments) and peek and poke through it. they even scratch on the outside edges of it. i've had mine for a year, and it wears beautifully.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Top 5: Green Things for Your Cat Most Popular Posts
10/19/09 05:18 PM

i really love my mom.

Apartment Therapy DC | Sarah's 'Pumpkin Patch' 'Citrus Blast' Room for Color - South #18
10/19/09 11:39 AM

i wanted to offer my thanks for the great comments as well as a few responses (in no particular order) . . .

@mjs7640, yes, i live here with my kindergartener and our two dogs and three cats and the occasional bird that flies in the window. so it has to suit a lot of needs at once, and, when it doesn't, it changes. it is, as you astutely observed, modeled after an early educational teaching theory called the creative curriculum premised on offering different areas of interest where a child can move about freely and follow her own creativity.

@bruce563, i really enjoyed your comment. and, yes, someone definitely ate a million skittles and threw up in here. happens all the time. life with a small child isn't tidy, but it is colorful and can be joyous (albeit occasionally tiring) if/when i let her grand energy motivate the use of the space.

@shopgirlny, the curtains around the "big bed" are from ikea also (actually red, although they show in the photo slightly pink). sheers with a velvety pattern. i have two panels of this same red curtain along the back wall of the "puppet theater bed" (behind the heavier red curtains).

@tulpoeid, thanks for noticing the different sub-spaces. this is definitely purposeful. as to whether i prefer a separate bedroom for parent(s) and child, i have to respond that my daughter and i have to negotiate our preferences here since we are the two humans who inhabit the space, but, although we share our space, we aren't always in the same part of the space at the same time. while this area is predominantly child-oriented, there are other areas of our living space that are oriented differently (although all the areas take both of us into account).

@amandla, the citrus blast may very well be a benjamin moore color adapted to a behr base (dictated purely by pocketbook and not preference!).

@djluckyonline, you're right on the money with the "IKEAitis," but one of the aspects i really appreciate about IKEA design is its mobility and morphability. several of the pieces i have in this room have been repurposed at least three times to meet the everchanging needs of life with a growing person. and, well, i have to admit that i actually really enjoy a random IKEA as-is adventure.

@brooklynsalsera, the linens are fresh off the shelves of a big anthropologie linen sale (possibly still going on now). i have coveted anthropologie "bed clothing" for years so was ecstatic to find this duvet cover at 75% off!

Apartment Therapy DC | Sarah's 'Pumpkin Patch' 'Citrus Blast' Room for Color - South #18
10/17/09 10:10 PM