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Hello! I've made this bread twice this week. The first try was sad, but the flavor was there. The second was a triumph. My first try, I "accidentally" (lazily) left the dough in my fridge on its first rise for 18 hours- and then proceeded to cook it too long.

The second time, I followed the 2 hr rise + 40 min rise in the pan and it worked marvelously. While finishing the dough right before placing it the oven, I was QUITE LIBERAL with the olive oil...this bread is delicious and in MY opinion the perfect match for a few poached eggs.

One last question as I feel I'll return to this recipe a few times: How do you store the bread once cooked? I love my flaky maldon sea salt, but I find after a night of resting the flakes become soggy looking and end up looking like sad little blisters all over my lovely bread, however delicious the bread is.

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10/16/13 08:59 AM

I always see people spinning it!

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10/2/13 12:56 PM

Apartment Therapy, I love you, I thought this was really cool at first, but in the sake of not promoting a crazy fat shaming company who put this false advertisement out there to promote yet another one of their narcissistic brands, DON'T give them the traffic! Delete this post!

64 Square Feet: Writer Lived Inside Astor Place Cube in New York City
10/2/13 12:55 PM

it's the perfect home, with the perfect taste, in my favorite city in the world. JESUS! I can't handle this.

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9/25/13 04:49 PM