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I think coolers are one of those things I've accepted as ugly. I shouldn't have! This actually looks cute now!

A Basic Cooler Gets a Modern DIY Upgrade Almost Makes Perfect
7/25/14 03:11 PM

I've never not asked, but I've also never been told no. And twice at different apartments my landlord told me initially that I would have to paint over it when I left, but never made me do it. I guess they liked the colors I chose?

Fess Up: Have You Ever Painted A Rental Without Permission?
7/15/14 11:52 AM

This is not my taste at all (except for maybe the range), but it's great that she was able to customize it to meet her needs.

Before & After: Tamara's Kitchen Customized for Her Cooking The Big Reveal
7/15/14 11:47 AM

Don't put your ice cream scoop in the dishwasher either. I learned that the hard way!

11 Things You Probably Shouldn't Put in the Dishwasher Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn
6/19/14 11:38 AM

we have a tiny 1 bedroom house with a finished (but unpermitted) attic. it serves as movie theatre, music studio, library, and guest bedroom. the only access is a pull-down ladder, but it really is the most fun room in the house. i've dreamt of having a legit staircase installed, but we can't spare the square feet.

Small Space Living: 12 Creative Ways to Use an Attic Space
4/29/14 12:40 PM

I roast broccoli all the time, but haven't tried the rice vinegar in it. Might have to give it a go!

Recipe: Garlicky Roasted Broccoli Quick Side Dish Recipes from The Kitchn
1/29/14 03:41 PM

Bread crumbs!

There is a Martha Stewart recipe for cauliflower, shallots, and breadcrumbs over orecchiette which is so much more rich and amazing than it sounds. The breadcrumbs totally make it.

8 Ways to Make Any Pasta Sauce Instantly More Amazing Tips from The Kitchn
1/16/14 02:35 PM

Old books, and taxidermy/skulls/feathers (if you have any!).

Halloween Decorations You Already Have at Home
10/30/13 03:45 PM

add it to a sandwich?
make sauerkraut?
pan fry?

What Can I Do With An Enormous Amount of Leftover Coleslaw? Good Questions
10/17/13 03:31 PM

I haven't named my current home, but the one I live at in college was lovingly referred to as "Casadilla" which was intended to mean "house nightmare" (casa + pesadilla) in Spanish.

Does Your Home Have A Name?
10/14/13 03:53 PM

That was a beautifully written post. I could have guessed this recipe without reading it, but I read every word.

A Side Dish Recipe for Roast Chicken:
Pan-Seared Butternut Squash with Balsamic & Parmigiano Shards Pick a Side! From Tara Mataraza Desmond

10/8/13 11:28 AM

You are so right. It is addictive! Thank you for featuring my basket. I am going to check out the others now. There are some fantastic looking ones here.

DIY Decor Trend: Coiled Bowls, Vases, Baskets & Other Vessels
9/25/13 01:12 PM