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It makes me giddy just looking at this very familiar font and colors. What a wonderful, wonderful piece of work. This would look good in ANY space. My kiddo no. 1 is a ginormous Eric Carle fan, so I'm sure this would really make his life (haha) - otherwise, I'm not sure how I could shell out $250 for this (if there would be any left, that is) any time in the near future. Haha. Um, I don't know if I should be laughing or crying... :o)

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12/1/10 11:15 AM

Wow! I might just hop on over to DWR right now for that awesome deal. Thanks for the info! I think the walnut is really handsome, but I still like the whimsical vibrance of the original colorful version more... :-)

Classic or Limited Edition Hang-It-All?
12/1/10 11:07 AM

These are absolutely lovely! I guess I'm instantly in love with something I didn't even know existed! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. Frasadas are a real gem of a discovery for me. Beautiful!

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12/1/10 11:04 AM

What a handsome lamp! Thank you for this great opportunity!

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12/1/10 10:58 AM

This is a gorgeous quilt and I know my house could really use such a beauty! :-) Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

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12/1/10 10:56 AM