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what a delight! Which color/brand yellow is this?

A Home Office... Drenched In Sunshine | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/16/09 11:42 AM

I like the outside better than the inside at first glance. I think this is a work in progress--and in the future, I'd love to see what the interior of the house morphs into.

'Quad Space Home' Architecture Thesis University of Buffalo Reporter | Apartment Therapy New York
11/12/09 05:13 PM

what about junk e-mail? Is there any way to eliminate that? Not all of them have an opt out or unsubscribe option. Thanks!

Apartment Therapy DC | How to: Kiss Junk Mail and Telemarketers Goodbye
11/8/09 01:11 PM

Heather, your home is lovely--all that is missing is milk and cookies and a plastic cover on your couch. Please show us more--I'd love to see your kitchen & your husband's music room too. I'm very inspired by your post.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Heather's Vintage Granny Chic House Tour
11/7/09 10:46 AM

This could also be subtitled, the exterior color combinations of Annapolis. I really enjoyed the pictures of the homes and the wreaths--thanks!

Apartment Therapy DC | Wreaths of Annapolis
10/28/09 04:23 PM

what a beautiful find! I vote for reupholstering without painting too. I love the idea of a hidden drawer.

Apartment Therapy DC | Advice on Refurbishing a Mengel Chair? Good Questions
10/27/09 07:55 PM

more pictures please! I love that the house takes a little effort to get to. Rufus is adorable by the way.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: A Simple Home Hidden in the Trees Austin
10/25/09 06:25 PM

the only thing I dislike is the name--it might describe where the components came from--but these pieces are more about rebirth & light than anything else. . .

Apartment Therapy DC | Graveyard Glass Series by Daniel Maher
10/25/09 03:41 PM

my vote would be to make it a much larger spindle--I like the idea a lot though, it just looks a little too delicate.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Look! Spindle as Sink Leg
10/24/09 07:44 PM