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I am not sure why people feel compelled to make snarky comments (maybe I am a throwback for subcribing to the "if you can't say anything nice..." philosophy), but I think this is gorgeous. Well done, gentlemen. Let me know if you need volunteers to make sure the guest house is in working order. ;)

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10/31/11 12:31 PM

@Noa: fantastic home. I adore it. I post very few comments, and usually don't like anything, fwiw. :)

@ShirleyZB: you are a rockstar.

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8/22/11 12:18 PM

LOVE it. Impeccable taste. I adore the *idea* of lofts, but so many I've seen are so modernly stuffy that I couldn't imagine living there. This is great, though. Can you tell us more about the lower level "bedroom"? I assume you guys constructed the wall. Would love to see a floorplan...

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7/15/10 09:45 AM

thanks kahlil! i like the ones from And Beige... i'm in DC so i'll have to check them out... no prices on their website. :)

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1/13/10 01:57 PM

i think it's great that west elm is making decent design more accessible.

in a related question, i'm wondering what the AT vibe is currently on capiz shell lighting... i kind of like the longer west elm version, but can't help but think the style is getting kinda played out. thoughts, anyone?

Affordable Glass Horseshoe ChandeliersRoundup | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/12/10 11:19 PM

Your home is beautiful-- I am always searching for a way to integrate color that doesn't distract from a modern aesthetic, and doesn't look too harsh (or, conversely, too prissy or old-fashioned). Good work!

Aside from your brilliant design choices, I have to say that your ADORABLE dog is quite possibly my favorite accessory.

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11/3/09 04:56 PM