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this idea is dope and came at just the right time to save our heinies! we're spicing up our imminent baby's room and discovered (after hours of measuring and taping and painting multiple coats and carefully peeling off tape) that handpainted stripes on the walls just looked lame as all hell - like they said in the post, too flat and boring and just amateur. the jazzy molding, though (especially with a little time spent on a chop saw to make some dope shapes at the corners) is *perfect* - sophisticated and whimsical. gracias!

yeah, and what's up with the bitterness of the first comment? these guys wrote a book and are trying to get it out there, and all of a sudden you're acting like they're walmart or something?

Apartment Therapy New York | Cheap Easy Upgrade: 1x2 Molding Guest Post from Wary Meyers
10/9/09 04:08 PM