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Seconding the Fido jars. Plus they're so pretty!

Affordable, Non-Plastic Containers for Storing Flour & Sugar? Good Questions
4/15/14 03:44 PM

I cannot live without my mini cuisinart! I use it for cutting in butter when making biscuits. The small bowl size means no giant chunks of butter can escape the blade (like they do in my bigger model).

I also use my 5.5qt Le Creuset dutch oven weekly, if not daily.

Why I Consider My Mini Food Processor to Be Indispensable Kitchen Diary: Anne in South Carolina
4/14/14 12:51 PM

Succulents! Just don't overwater them.

Ideas for Kitchen Windowsill Plants (Other Than Herbs)? Good Questions
3/13/14 02:01 PM

Amazing how much warmth the gold gives!

Before & After: Simple Lampshade Hack Gets a Gold Medal for Glamour
3/11/14 12:52 PM

I can't not think about Zoolander.

But those are gorgeous. May have to drop by and visit!

Blu Skillet IronwareStore Profile
3/7/14 01:26 PM

#11 on the side of the refrigerator! I bought a magnetic-on-both-sides strip and slapped it on the fridge, right next to my stove. Works like a charm, and would be great for renters (even though I am not one).

10 Places To Hang a Magnetic Knife Rack
3/4/14 01:02 PM

I like this! There are so many things in our lives we think we "need."

I also find it amusing that the next post down on The Kitchn is a mocha crunch oatmeal recipe!


Five Reasons I Drink Decaf Coffee Now That I'm a Mother Kitchen Diary: Anne in South Carolina
3/3/14 01:04 PM

I love the idea of "shopping my freezer!" Keep 'em coming!

5 Ways to Cook With Frozen Strawberries Shop Your Freezer
2/26/14 02:06 PM

I think I would want some kind of gravy to compensate for the loss of syrup. Syrup is my favorite thing about breakfast.

Recipe: Savory Parmesan French Toast Recipes from The Kitchn
2/20/14 05:58 PM

Gotcha! I already have porcelain (which, as you say, is a harsh mistress when it comes to sink-gunk), just not deep enough to fit a big pan/pot/cookie sheet in. Thanks!

Oh, and the reno is just fabulous. Thx for sharing!

Kitchen Before & After: A London Kitchen Goes from Garish Blue to Clean and Serene Reader Kitchen Remodel
2/20/14 02:34 PM

Curious as to what's a pain about the sink. I have been eyeing those farmhouse-style ones for a while!

Kitchen Before & After: A London Kitchen Goes from Garish Blue to Clean and Serene Reader Kitchen Remodel
2/20/14 02:07 PM

I don't understand how fresh fruits and vegetables are pantry staples.

Meg’s 5 Favorite Gluten-Free Pantry Staples (and Her Budget-Friendly Shopping Tips) Kitchen Tour
2/20/14 12:58 PM

They also sell those individual-sized aluminum pans, so you could prep homemade ones that would have the same magic. :o]

4 Childhood Favorites From a Box: And How To Make Them from Scratch
2/4/14 05:08 PM

CheezLiz, I store my studs in an old ice cube tray, and an old egg carton! I keep it in a drawer, so I'm not concerned about how it looks.

Stylish Storage: 10 Ways to Organize Jewelry
1/16/14 07:20 PM

I love my stand-up spoon rest, like this:

It takes up less space (at least in my mind).

10 Spoon Rests to Catch the Drips Product Roundup
1/16/14 03:13 PM

Re: #4, if you've shopped at Target in the last year, take advantage of their offer of 1 year of free credit monitoring!

Fresh Start: 5 Things You Should Do Every January
1/16/14 03:11 PM

Looks great! Doesn't hurt that it looks like there's a LOT less stuff now, too.

Pantry Before & After: Rotating Shelves (or Pantry Carousels) to the Rescue!
1/16/14 11:34 AM

Thanks @Threadbndr! Those are great tips. I cherish my "kitchen helper" memories, too.

Why Every Kid Needs a Signature Dish
1/15/14 03:45 PM

This is great! My husband and I hope to have kids in the next year or two, and I want to think about all the different things that go into raising them to be independent adults (obviously not overnight).

Could you talk about some of the things you've done leading up to this point? Like, what you did with your kids and at what ages, and also how it differed among your various children?


Why Every Kid Needs a Signature Dish
1/15/14 02:54 PM

Those damned If You Care boxes. They fall apart immediately. I love the earth and all, but my sanity is too precious for that farce.

Handy But Hidden: Have You Found the End Locks on Your Wrap Dispensers?
1/9/14 11:44 AM