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Honestly, one of the best parts of San Diego is the weather (or lack thereof). As far as the city is concerned, Gaslamp and East Village (Petco Park area) are a great starter, but there is so much more to downtown and the city as a whole. Head off to Little Italy, or Balboa Park. Venture a little farther away and hit the great restaurant scene around 30th in North Park, or all over in Hillcrest. Head out towards the quaint small town of Julian for their famous apple pies, or out to Anza Borrego to explore the desert.

Dustin & Whitney's Guide to the Gaslamp Quarter
San Diego, California

9/16/10 01:18 AM

How about going a whole other direction? If those are mostly weeds (looks like it), why not give them the round up treatment (hey - even the eco people use that stuff) and scatter some wildflower seeds? If you can get ahold of more native flowers they'll be able to compete well against the weeds with very little maintenance. The last pack I purchased said it was good for 60 sq. ft. and cost less than $5 at Armstrong Garden (Xeriscape mix).

Your Best Yard Taming Advice | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/12/10 01:23 PM