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I love the dark paint and the desk area. Your desk area is what my desk wants to be when it grows up. I love peacock feathers and use them about the house as well. Beautiful, but my landlord once told me she had a nightmare that someone painted "her" walls, so i guess dark brown is out for me.

Apartment Therapy New York | How Often Do I Need to Repaint My Apartment? ColorTherapy
9/29/09 01:40 PM

HardcoreSouma: isn't Mama's Gun the most underrated CD? I am an extreme Badu fan. I've seen her at least 5 times in concert! I just bought an ipod and haven't loaded any music on it yet. I'm so low-tech.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Spring Cure: Creating Your Vision Week 1 Tips Tricks
3/19/09 12:56 PM

oh dear. i just might be a "cure" dropout. so many interruptions this time. maybe i can do a tiny mini-cure. get the equivalent of a GED for curing. *sigh* i'm definitely buying flowers this week & will cook myself a tiny thanksgiving. congrats to all who have done so much work!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest Fall Cure: Week Seven - Goes Personal
11/25/08 11:46 AM

i'm in for the cure, but will be running behind. with my parents in town, bridesmaid duties, and a friend's birthday all this weekend i probably won't get started until sunday, but i'm looking forward to it! happy curing everybody!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest Fall Cure: Week One
10/17/08 12:00 PM

that is a beautiful desk. good luck!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Janel's January Jumpstart Project: Desk Redo #3
1/19/08 03:27 PM

wow! we've come a long way. it was great to see my before, during and after on the slideshow. after a family emergency, a computer crash and boy trouble, my cure just kind of fizzled out, but i've still been working. i did a big clean on the closet yesterday and have been purging paper clutter like crazy. my apt. is so much closer to being the home that i want it to be. this process is great and i can't wait to see what happens next.

Apartment Therapy - Fall Cure: Week Eight - Before and After
11/3/07 08:10 AM

i think i transposed that comment about the headboard from another post...the room is still lovely...

Apartment Therapy - #38 - D's Comfort Inn
10/26/07 09:09 AM

gorgeous! i can't believe that headboard came from wally-world. i love the painting with the pink background (who is the artist?). i'm over the super-streamlined stuff. give me some glamour! well done...

Apartment Therapy - #38 - D's Comfort Inn
10/26/07 08:58 AM

week 7? already? we had a sudden cold snap here in nola (lows in the 40s) and pre-move closet purging has left me with nothing to wear. what fits doesn't look like me anymore and what does look like me is too big. so, by necessity the closet is on the agenda this week. i actually made a style tray for my wardrobe and that made me calmer. the artist in me gets really out of sorts if her wardrobe is off. i got the bookcase for my vanity put together (except for the doors). will order the decals for that corner. the ottoman arrives tomorrow. it remains to be seen if it will live in my bedroom or the living room. i bought side tables for the bedroom that ended up being too big. still have curtains rods to install and curtains to hang and lots of little details. will make a master list and get to it. all of that along with noveling and a big freelance writing assignment. i'm a bit overwhelmed, but energized at the same time.

Apartment Therapy - Fall Cure: Week Seven
10/24/07 08:49 AM


if you are looking for a less expensive option for the shell lamp, west elm has a version for $99. here's the link:


Apartment Therapy - House Tour: Karla's Asian Transitional Home
10/18/07 06:37 PM

i love the elegant symmetry of this place! it is grown-up and refined but not stuffy. i also absolutely love the liberal use of personal photos (such a cute couple). thanks for showing that you actually have stuff! (the books closed behind cabinets and office knick knacks hidden on the keyboard tray). so inspiring....

Apartment Therapy - House Tour: Karla's Asian Transitional Home
10/18/07 12:26 PM

that chandelier is sooo sexy!

Apartment Therapy - #18 - ChrisToronto Winter Antidote
10/15/07 04:32 PM

smallcitybeth, i tried several times yesterday to post a comment and could not, so maybe there are just some technical difficulties.

this was definitely my worst week progress wise (in the area that i most need it!). i still need to repair the drawer in my file console, buy another bookcase, establish a landing strip, purge papers. sigh. a family emergency, low energy and general resistance are at the cause, but i'm committed to getting the office space together.

Apartment Therapy - Fall Cure: Week Five - Weekend
10/14/07 08:42 AM

wow. it is kinda scary to see my apartment up there, but it makes me excited and shored up to fight the my nemesis, the paper tiger. just a few months ago i was living in a beige box. beige carpet, beige couch, cinder block walls. now i'm living in a place (new orleans) and a space that really nourishes my spirit. i can't believe that we are already on week 5. i know that i wouldn't have done this without apartment therapy.

babymomma: i am working on an impossibly tiny budget so those rugs were way out of my price range. the rug is from urban outfitters for $68. it is a thin cotton, so i am going to spring for a rug pad.

Apartment Therapy - Fall Cure: Week Five
10/9/07 02:43 PM

i'm in love with the whole sophie conran line (which you can find on amazon.com as well). just lovely.

Apartment Therapy - Serving Pieces from Anthropologie
10/5/07 11:57 AM

i guess this is the it gets worse before it gets better stage. like a bad haircut that needs growing out. i'm proud of myself for actually ordering things for my home (one of my biggest design challenges is never finishing a project--perfectionism). now i've ordered a rug, a file console, bathroom cabinet etc. so my apt. looks kind of like a warehouse. boxes to be thrown out. stuff to be put together, things that can't be put in their proper place until i declutter more. but i guess this is progress. i hope so.

Apartment Therapy - The Fall Cure: Week Three - Weekend
9/29/07 12:24 PM

just a little more than an inch on the depth 7.5 and the x-large box would have been perfect to hide a stash of printer paper. sigh.

Apartment Therapy - Osaka Boxes from CB2
9/26/07 05:46 AM

i just bought their zebra print rug for my apartment curing (it's in my style tray). also that branch like jewelry stand. i almost added that lamp in white to my order. i can stand the misses when the hits are so sweet (and cheap).

Apartment Therapy - Urban Outfitters does a cheap Spindle Lamp
9/25/07 02:21 PM

There was a smaller knock-off of the Pottery Barn Blown Glass one at Target for about half the price. Alas, I kept waiting for yet another markdown and it ended up broken. I guess it wasn't very sturdy. There was also another similar knock-off at Kirklands for 39 dollars. Mmm. I wonder if it is still about?

Apartment Therapy - Top Ten: Clear Glass Table Lamps for Under $200.
9/25/07 01:23 PM

oh, to have a writing room of my own.

Apartment Therapy - Bay Area Writers' Workspaces
9/25/07 06:00 AM