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Why not buy books? There are certainly worse solutions to a design problem than to own more books.

Ideas for Lots of Empty Built-In Shelves? Good Questions
7/23/14 11:55 AM

Damn your eyes, I was just going to suggest that. :-)

I'm planning to do something similar with my built-in kitchen shelves (though I don't lack for things to store on them), but I haven't found a paper with both the color and pattern I'm looking for.

Ideas for Lots of Empty Built-In Shelves? Good Questions
7/23/14 11:54 AM

I find it so peculiar that painting is forbidden by any lease agreements at all. It's *paint*. It goes away when you put a different color on top of it. (Granted, it can get onto unintended places that are hard to clean--but didn't the tenants give you a security deposit for such issues?)

I was told on signing my lease that I could paint whatever I wanted provided I returned it to white when I moved out, and I proceeded to put deeply saturated colors on just about every wall. I'm here for at least two years (more, I expect), and I intend to make myself at home even if my eventual next move will be more of a hassle.

Radical Renters: When Renters Make Big Changes
7/22/14 02:32 AM

That guy gives some horrible advice. "Keep your money in cash." "Start your own business." "Don't save out of every paycheck." He admits to having been a failure in Wall Street and it doesn't appear that he learned a thing.

Is Home Ownership Still Part of The American Dream?
7/10/14 12:04 PM

I'm in my late thirties in NYC, and I've never really seen the advantage of owning. I'd be cleaning out my savings for a down payment, trading rent for a mortgage plus maintenance, and gambling on the likelihood of the place appreciating in value before the time comes for me to sell it. Between economic instability and climate change, lord knows whether local real estate is going to be a good buy for that long.

Is Home Ownership Still Part of The American Dream?
7/10/14 11:56 AM

I've spent the last few nights binge-watching the true-crime series "The Nightmare Next Door." The only reason I am still willing to so much as open my front door is that my building has surveillance cameras.

Would You Sleep With The Doors Open?
6/27/14 09:43 AM

The tile in the bathroom would be more effective limited to the wall *or* the floor; on both it gives the effect that the toilet is floating in mid-air. Which is kind of cool, but not something I'm looking for in a toilet.

Liat's Mix of Old and New Small Cool Contest
6/7/14 05:23 PM

I was going to disagree until I looked closely at the fourth picture. If the main entrance were in the kitchen, that would be a terrific, cozy living room; as is I can't even see how you can squeeze inside.

Whitney's Open Concept Small Cool Contest
6/6/14 04:59 PM

I'm puzzled by the very idea of an unattractive ceiling fan. I find them beautiful just by their nature, and when in motion any unappealing details are obscured anyway.

Frustrations that Only the Design-Obsessed Will Understand Domaine
6/5/14 10:27 PM

I'm not particularly sure I get this problem. What advantage do you get out of not using it? If that advantage is important to you, why not just remind yourself of it when you're tempted to fall back on the convenience?

I'm puzzled about why someone would be so eager to do without their microwave, anyway; I don't use it for everything but it has some extremely practical applications (baking potatoes in under an hour, reheating leftovers without soiling pots and pans, etc).

How Do I Hide a Built-In Microwave? Good Questions
6/4/14 09:47 AM

Wow, what a difference! The only thing that gives me pause is that it's almost a shame to close the drawers. The decoupage would probably be too much if taken any further, though.

Before & After: A Dresser Gets Dressed Up With D├ęcoupage
5/30/14 04:25 PM

There's no rule that says boys can't have pink nurseries or girls blue ones. Why tie your hands this way?

I'd probably go with a range of bold and saturated colors to make the environment as visually interesting for a child as possible. Some of the suggestions above sound lovely, but more tailored for the adults than for the child.

And congratulations!

I'm Stuck: How To Decorate Gender-Neutral Nursery? Good Questions
5/20/14 11:03 AM

In a tiny Brooklyn apartment like those I've known, the only other room is usually the bedroom. It would be fine to use a room like that as a living room (though it might be on the small side), but a typical common area wouldn't be a great bedroom--there are rarely doors between those rooms and the entryway or kitchen.

And I'm casting my lot with those who say clutter is a big issue. Wall-mount the TV and put up shelves, and a lot of the cave-like atmosphere will dissipate.

Suggestions for Decorating Windowless Living Room? Good Questions
5/16/14 10:57 AM