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I would hazard the guess that if J Adler designed the room, J Adler makes the bed. I'm just sayin' it's what he would do.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Color Combo: Hot Pink, Orange, and Light Blue
5/13/09 07:40 PM

I spent what was a small fortune in the 80s on Mario Bellini's Le Bambole love seat and 2 chairs. I have loved them to this day. Every time I look at them, I say, "Ah, yes. Nice".
Totally worth it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Quotes: Saving Up For the Real Thing Los Angeles
3/11/09 04:37 PM

being a boxer, boston terrier, german shepherd and toy fox terrier owner, one thing i've always found to be useful is a shedding brush. it's a big loop of corrugated metal that removes loads of shed hairs before they get to the rug.
and a hand in a plain old rubber glove does pretty well for brushing off the woven in hairs.
my mother-in-law has a tried and true method for choosing rug color. it involved taking a baggie full of the dogs' hair to the carpet store. you throw the hair down on the all samples, and the color on which you can't see the hair is your rug.
good luck.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Carpet to Stand Up to Corgis?
1/27/09 01:51 PM

I have found that the heavier the weight of the fabric, the more forgiving it is. With your light fabric you are more likely to see it pulled where the tacks or staples have been put in. It could even tear when someone sits on it. Hence the reason upholstery weight fabric is called "upholstery weight".

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Using Fashion Fabrics for Upholstery?
12/18/08 03:01 PM

In NYC there are whole businesses who's business it is to cut up your furniture in one place and put it back together in another place! No lie.

Apartment Therapy - CouchWatch '07
11/10/07 07:49 PM

Never, never, never. Not in the 70's, not ever! Key words, JC Penny.
btoddster had the right idea. P*** on it.

Apartment Therapy - Bookmarked: JC Penny Catalogue
11/10/07 07:44 PM

You can't go back.
Been there, couldn't do that.

Apartment Therapy - Stomping Grounds: Revisiting Your Childhood Home
11/8/07 12:00 PM

Proudest sewing moment, but not the finest, by far, was at age 13 when I made a sailor dress as my second ever sewing project.
It was a holy hot mess, but was worn TO SCHOOL with puckered seams, crooked trim and a smile of satisfaction.

Apartment Therapy - Thursday Giveaway: Amy Butler Prize Package
11/8/07 11:42 AM

not to be snarky, i'm really asking: does anyone really expect to get $2k for a sofa they paid $3k for and sat on for 2 years? am I the one who is unrealistic here?

Apartment Therapy - Scavenger: Grey Jonathan Adler Markham Sofa for $1600
11/8/07 08:47 AM

the arco lamp weighs a ton, and i would question swiveling it from spot to spot, weight wise, scratching the floor wise and lazy bones wise.
i would get a cheap lamp from ikea and try it as sweenybird suggests.
and check the specs on any lamp you decide on, the arcs' length vary so.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Arc Lamps?
11/7/07 08:21 AM

doppleganger, i know how you feel!
i walked into jenson & lewis (nyc) 20 years ago and tried to purchase a pink sofa, a pale pink sofa.
the sales guy said, weeeeell, that color pink is okaaay, but what about this! and showed me a hot hot HOT pink version which i ordered without a second thought.
i had that hot pink sofa for 20 years and it slowly faded to the color pink i originally wanted. but, the hot hot HOT pink was missed.
it has been recycled now, but not forgotten.
go with your guts, was the lesson. or go with someone else's guts as long as it resonates in your own guts... or something like that. i'll shut up now.

Apartment Therapy - Blue Velvet Couch from Room BoardSlinks n. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
11/5/07 11:22 AM

foxylou2: pink and orange? they rock!

Apartment Therapy - Thursday Giveaway: One Room Makeover with Lauri Ward
11/5/07 10:25 AM

strange that they would mail out renewal notices, then go belly up.

Apartment Therapy - NEWS: House Garden Folding
11/5/07 10:18 AM

I have small basement windows with a nasty view.
The films are fantastic (good quality, easy to put on, great selection), but since my windows are tiny, and I have the need for weird cut outs (for dryer venting, etc.) they didn't look that great on my windows.
Instead, I made light weight frames and covered them in rice paper.

Apartment Therapy - Good Question: Privacy without shutting out the Light?
10/30/07 09:56 AM

my only advice, given from experience, is that if the drawers are not well made, and you stuff them full (which, of course i did) they will not open, the bottoms will fall out and you will curse the day you had the bright idea to get drawers in your bed.
isn't it bad feng shui to store stuff under your bed? just sayin'.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Suggestions for Beds with Storage Drawers?
10/19/07 08:11 AM

I put dark green shades on guest room windows and my guests woke looking dead. Or, at least, so they said...

Apartment Therapy - Color Psychology: The Impact of Paint Color
10/10/07 09:51 AM

Although I haven't laid cheek to that particular sofa, I did have white canvas furniture in NYC for a very long time.
It got dirty just from NYC air!
But, I loved it. Accordingly, I served no colored beverages or food, and found that cut way down on cleaning.
Owning white is a challenge which depends on your commitment to white.
I was highly committed.
Boring, but true.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Is Blu Dot's Couchoid Comfortable?
10/9/07 01:54 PM

what does one do if one doesn't have perfectly square walls? i guess one doesn't get one...

Apartment Therapy - AT Europe: Paris - Corner Frame by Yvonne Schroeder
10/3/07 06:48 PM

i meant god. god is in the details.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Should I Get a Straighter Edged Mattress?
10/2/07 11:00 AM

dog is in the details.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Should I Get a Straighter Edged Mattress?
10/2/07 11:00 AM