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I use Soda Club (sodaclub.com), and I love it. The cartridges are huge (up to 100 liters per cartridge), and they're refillable. I think it's considerably cheaper than the small cartridges too. (If you search the AT archives you'll find lots more info on them -- I found out about them through an earlier AT post).

Apartment Therapy - How To: DIY Bubbly Water
11/1/07 08:43 AM

I have the Ikea one in the picture (Mandal?) in my quasi guest room and I love it. I painted it dark gray using a BM oil satin (keeping the drawers black) and it looks very sleek and mod. Amazing storage too. It's Ikea, of course, but it's very solid. I was choosing between this and the superpricey BluDot and I'm very happy I chose to save the money.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Suggestions for Beds with Storage Drawers?#comments
10/19/07 09:47 AM

I use Brita, and, thanks to an earlier AT post (maybe AT:NY) I now use a Soda Club machine to carbonate it -- miraculous!

Apartment Therapy - Survey: Drinking Water at Home
10/16/07 11:15 AM

If you want the real thing (which is cheaper to boot [though no soap dishes or dispensers]), American Science and Surplus (5316 N. Milwaukee) has lots of Erlenmeyer flasks and such. I keep my rice, lentils, etc. in medical jars labeled "Tongue Depressors," "Gauze," and so on that I bought there. There are lots of lab supply stores online too. Somehow buying Macy's or Container Store knockoffs of a unimprovable basic just really bums me out.

Apartment Therapy - Apothecary Jars for the Bathroom
10/16/07 11:11 AM

What about a gray (like many have suggested) that's on the green side (way more gray than green)? I would think more of the lighter/soothing variety, but if you want *more*, perhaps something strong like charcoal, teal, or pumpkin (as others have suggested) used very judiciously along with the light greenish gray?

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What Paint Color Should I Choose?
8/31/07 07:36 AM

Painting question: I'm in the middle of painting a very simple bed (Ikea Mandal) using a Benjamin Moore dark gray oil with a satin finish. I've been using a small mohair roller and have done several coats, however, before sanding there are always tiny bubbles and flaws. Normally I've used flat or eggshell paint to paint furniture, so lightly sanding imperfections out of the final coat was no big deal. But with satin, will I ruin the finish if I sand? Is there a way to avoid bubbles or brush marks? Any thoughts on how I should paint/treat the final coat?

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 499
8/15/07 08:59 AM

Wow -- I *love* the scale and the shape, but I'm not as crazy about the material. I wonder how it would look spray-painted (I'm afraid like something in a suburban sun room) or if it would possible to somehow hack the frame and use fabric to make it more mod. I was just complaining this very day about the lack of good huge pendant lamps -- I see an exploratory mission to Ikea in my future.

IKEA LERAN Pendant Lamp
8/14/07 11:55 AM