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i was so rooting for Kyle...such a dissapointment to see this cold room win. It just shows this was a popularity contest. Bummer!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | And the Winner Is... Room for Color 2009
11/2/09 05:31 PM

I cannot stop staring at that 1st picture, its gorgeous, classy, tasteful!! Im very very jealous!

And I agree...just give Kyle the prize already :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Kyle's Brave & Bold Room for Color - West #21
10/13/09 04:59 PM

So nice to see a fellow astorian in here :)

Great job on the paint job, i particularly love the painted headboard...and thumbs up on the use of plants!

Apartment Therapy New York | Christopher's 'Shallow Sea' & 'Chocolate Bar' Room for Color - East #13
10/8/09 04:17 PM

Great mood!

Could you tell me more about the bookcase/room divider? I absolutely love it! Thanks.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Matt's Color of Passion Bedroom Room for Color - North #7
10/8/09 11:31 AM

Oh Eve, I have been reading AT for a long time now, but your post made me wanna sign up and express my love for this room! I HEART it! For a moment i thought the fabric on the curtains was Trina Turk fabric, but no...theyr ar ebetter, vintage :)
Where is your art from?

Apartment Therapy New York | Eve's Atomic Mod Kitchen Room for Color - East #11
10/7/09 03:35 PM