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Sounds like the smoke is not coming through the windows, so sealing up any cracks and gaps is the first step, as others have said:

But there's another mechanical thing you can do - if the smoke is seeping into your apartment, it's likely the air pressure is lower in your apartment than in the neighbors. Try to increase the pressure by closing any exhaust vents and avoid running exhausts like kitchen, bathroom and dryer for long; putting a fan in a window to pull air in, but don't open other windows to let it out, if you have a furnace, run it so it pulls air in but close any exhaust vents. You'll have to experiment to see what works. If you can get the air pressure in your apartment higher than in the neighboring apartments, it will keep the smoke from leaking over to you.

I used to be a landlord-tenant law counselor in Washington State. The laws here are not very helpful in this situation, but the law varies a lot from place to place. Try to get some accurate information about your rights before negotiating with your landlord. The link below gives you some tenants' rights resources:

Is There an Air Purifier that Will Remove Neighbor's Cigarette Odor? Good Questions
4/2/14 05:25 PM

This raises a question: What's your favorite mug/cup design? Something that makes your coffee or tea taste better without breaking the bank?

Black Hasami Tall Mug
4/2/14 03:44 PM

That's a very nice mug. Somehow the fact that it costs $30 instead of $5 or $10 does not lead me to believe that the kid in the factory in China/Pakistan/Indonesia got a raise, though.

Black Hasami Tall Mug
4/2/14 03:22 PM

Seems like you struck a chord with your MCM minimalist/bohemian thing. I feel the same way, and am approaching what I like in my apartment. It's warm and cozy without being fussy or cluttered.

I live in the Pacific Northwest too (Bellingham) and found your painting the bedroom dark gray pretty daring, given how little light we get here most of the year. I hope it works for your bedroom, which is for sleeping after all. I couldn't bring myself to do it - winters are already too depressing. But if it works for you, it's a good solution. Congratulations!

Bianca's Classic Capitol Hill Home House Call
3/31/14 02:05 PM

Years ago I found a small side table, elaborately carved in the Indian style (probably from Pier One or someplace like that). It was half-painted white like someone had started to paint it, decided they didn't like it and just pitched the thing in the trash. I decided to spray paint it gold, hoping it would look awesome, but fearing it would look really tacky. It turned out to look awesome! I still use it as one of the nightstands in my bedroom. Great piece for the price of a can of Krylon.

Painted Furniture for When You Just Can't Paint Your Walls
3/31/14 01:53 PM

JynxnJex: Use a tripod and adjust the settings on your camera for a longer exposure. You'll need the tripod because the shutter will stay open longer and any camera movement will make for a very blurry picture. Also keep in mind that when the exposure is longer the depth of field is less - that means less of the room in front of and behind whatever point you focus on will look in focus. Another trick: replace all the light bulbs with super bright bulbs, the brightest you can find, just for the shoot. In the movie business these are called "practicals".

5 Quick Styling Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Home
3/31/14 01:35 PM

I recently acquired a large Karastan "oriental" rug. I was worried that it wouldn't work in my living room full of MCM furniture. But it looks fantastic, ties everything together and gives it all a much more finished and "adult" look. The colors coordinate with other accents and it all works.

Lebowski Style: 10 Rugs That Really Tie The Room Together Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/27/14 03:31 PM

I can see making something like this from an old drafting stool. A lot of them had seats you adjusted by spinning the seat. And the same industrial aesthetic. Or what could one do with the base of a newer pneumatic office chair?

Screw Table w Marble Top by Tom Dixon
3/24/14 04:33 PM

"This is the end of architectural history." Where have I heard that before?

Brush Up on Buildings With a Crash Course in Modern Architecture Design News
3/19/14 02:38 PM

Where did the light fixture directly above the stove come from? Very cool.

Jeremy's Light and Heavy Home House Tour
3/17/14 02:36 PM

Any suggestions for painting a metal file cabinet that has a textured finish? Would Krylon's new Dual Paint, which is mentioned here, work? Oh, and the file cabinet is black, no less.

8 Great Stenciled, Papered, and Painted File Cabinet Makeovers
3/14/14 01:46 PM

As others have said, once you paint wood you can't go back. I would treat all that wood as a neutral backdrop (just like an all-white room) and punch it up with accessories, small appliances, maybe stools for the island and decorative items in couple bright, coordinated colors.

Ideas for Our VERY Woodsy Kitchen? Good Questions
3/13/14 07:54 PM