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Easel is a great idea for the tv! Try Hammary's structural television easel cart. You can buy it online with free shipping and tax.

How To Layout Large Living Area With No Wall Space?
Good Questions

5/20/11 10:26 PM

I adore this post!!! I have Benjamin Moore "Baby Turtle" on my walls as a backdrop for peacock and red accents. Sounds hideous and obnoxious, but so good in reality.

Olive Green Interiors
1/11/11 04:23 PM

While trying to update my winter wardrobe on a budget, I made fabric flower pins from old t-shirts. I liked them so much that I will be giving them as gifts to my girlfriends and co-workers. Plus the pins are much easier on the waistline than my traditional food gifts from seasons past!

What Are Your Favorite DIY Gift Ideas?
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12/17/10 06:52 PM

I have a custom-made sofa that my cats have used as a scratching post, much to my chagrin. I have tried double stick tape, saran wrap, and aluminum foil to get them to stop with no success. At some point, I will need to have a slipcover made. Until then, the water gun reigns supreme.

Think Positively: Dealing With Pet Damage
11/11/10 02:51 PM

@ lisanham: twosided is foursided sister. There is more than one to love!!!!

Chelsea & Sean's Eclectic Painted Home
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11/5/10 12:11 AM

Yeee, gads! Such controversy. When I bought my condo, my goal was to have AT do a house tour when I was done. Although it's not done yet, I think I have just reconsidered putting it on AT. I really don't relish the idea of people beating it with verbal clubs. I appreciate your bravery, Joshua.

Joshua's "Vintage Primary" Room
11/5/10 12:07 AM

@ Buster: I completely agree that this was not his best work. I went to his website and was very impressed. There's a fine line between "lived in" and "show house." I think he lost sight of that with this project.
@ Lisa: Nope, I wouldn't want to live here. I also think his concept of 10 years ago was a bad business decision. As a designer, you want to showcase your most current work to get more work.

Flan & Oisa Entertain at the Setai
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11/4/10 11:01 PM

I have (3) cats and was completely perplexed about drapery when we moved into our garden unit. The cats love to sit on the sill and look out. However, the cat fur was unbearable. I actually had a version of roman shades made out of washable nylon. That way the fur doesn't stick and I can wash them when necessary.

Good Questions: Cat-Friendly Curtains?
8/14/07 08:21 AM