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Oz came highly recommended by my roommate, my boyfriend, and a couple of other people I know.

I would NEVER use them again.

They arrived an hour late. No phone call, nothing.

The forman Peter came in smelling of booze and cigarettes. Clearly he'd had a late night. He was a mumbler and had the social skills of a rock. The three year old kid that lives upstairs from me has better communication skills.

I asked them to use the moving boxes I had purchased before the move before they started using their own. They completely ignored this request.

I was moving the day before my roommate and so the entire apartment wasn't being moved. Even though the my things were organized into one area of my apartment they continued to ignore me and tried to take everything.

I became very concerned when Peter carried a piece of furniture out by it's legs.

There was no concern for the wooden floors in my apartment. Furniture was pushed and scooted and moved without help. There were a number of scratches when they were finished.

I have an expensive armoire with interior drawers. The drawers were removed and thrown into a box. They were not wrapped.

But as always you must leave the best for last. They finished removing my things and Peter told me they'd be leaving in just a few minutes. I helped my roommate move some things around and looked out the window to see if they were gone and I saw this: One of the movers was pissing on the street. And Peter the forman was drinking a beer.

I called to report the behavior as soon as I saw it and was told that I could call and make a complaint the next day and that the dispatcher would be called about the drinking. What the dispatcher being called ended up being was that Peter was called and told that I'd seen him drinking. He then confronted me in my apartment and told me that if I had a problem with his drinking I should have called the cops. I wish I had now, considering he was driving the truck.

The move was on Sunday. I called on Monday to register a complaint. I've been dealing with Nancy. A customer relations expert she is not. She refused to accept that anything I said was factual. She assured me Peter was an upstanding employee and would have never been drinking on the job. This conversation was before I started unpacking things. On Tuesday I discovered and entire box of stemware that was broken. A marble column that was double wrapped in bubble wrap was broken. There was more.

I finally did get a check for part of the damages, but there was no apology. I would never use them again and with all the other moving companies in the city finding someone else should not be a problem.

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