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Very cool, but that doggie would be happier if its bed connected to the bedroom.

Dan Hisel's Z-Box
5/17/07 10:27 AM

Ondrej, that's hilarious. Thank you!

Felix de Pass' D.I.Y. Shoe Storage
5/15/07 01:43 PM

Hm. Once that's full of dirty shoes displayed filthiest-side out (instead of one pair of never-worn white sneakers), I think it's going to look pretty unattractive.

Felix de Pass' D.I.Y. Shoe Storage
5/15/07 12:24 PM


Our neighbors made nursery up in their attic, the walls of which they thought were painted a darkish tan. The wife put the baby to bed, turned on the humidifier, and went downstairs. Later that evening, she went up there and called down to me to come see. When I got up there, it looked like a horror movie, with rivulets of sticky brown gunk running down every surface. The tan "paint" was all nicotine. It was horrifying.

NY Times: What Gets Left Behind
5/14/07 04:17 PM

What DIDN'T get left behind by the sellers of our very first house, which was heated solely by a wood stove: a single stick of firewood. They did leave behind a very nice note commending us to Jesus, etc., but they carted away every last scrap of what must have been 3 cords of wood in the woodshed. Froze our asses off until we found someone to deliver some wood.

What got left behind by the seller of our condo: That white waffle-weave Target shower curtain recently discussed on AT, plus enough cat hair behind the fridge and stove to literally fill a half-gallon container (discovered while painting).

NY Times: What Gets Left Behind
5/14/07 04:13 PM

I am in the process of furnishing a second-home condo and it is taking forever, so I completely see the appeal of this. However, I would only pay cash for the furnishings, as it makes absolutely no sense to pay interest on furnishings that you know will have nearly zero resale value.

NYTimes: Selling Furnished Condos
5/10/07 09:55 AM

My husband is obsessed with this thing, but I just think it's silly. If we're working at home, it's not big enough, and if we're just net surfing, we do it on the sofa or in bed like normal people. Plus it's ugly.

eNook by Antrho
5/10/07 09:49 AM

That photo of the brocanteuses having a coffee break--it's fantastic! It looks like something out of the old Life magazine. These posts from Paris have become my favorite thing on AT.

Post from Paris: The Rules of La Brocante
5/9/07 01:14 PM

Somehow a clean pillowcase stays cooler, and that helps me sleep better. To answer the question, one set of sheets, changed every two weeks, but pillowcases changed every few nights.

AT Survey: Do Clean Sheets Make A Better Night's Sleep?
5/9/07 01:02 PM

I really hate the command to "(explain)" if it's Not My Thang, and have to admit that I have several times voted Not My Thang without (explain)ing, because it just seems rude. But I'm feeling bold today, so I'll give it a shot. This seems dated to me. The colors are nice, but this style of colorblocking is now inextricably intertwined in my mind with 1990s Starbucks (as M alluded to above). Also, it's dark, and the furniture looks chilly and uncomfortable. I think that a simple change to fresher colors and the introduction of some textiles would make a world of difference.

Now I feel like a bum . . .

#35 - Craig's Inviting Chinatown Loft
5/2/07 03:01 PM

Now this I love! It's amazing how far you can get with the right color scheme. I don't mean to denigrate the other elements of the apartment, but imagine how the top two pictures would look if you replaced the gorgeous color with builder beige. Nothing special. But the coral, the blue, the green--POW! Great job.

#36 - Meg's Everything In One
5/2/07 02:36 PM

But I should also mention that I used Mascarpone to cover a pretty light beige in the living room, and I had to do two coats. They do say that it's one coat coverage for "most colors," which I guess doesn't include the whites. Whatever, it's still worth it.

Hot or Not: BM Aura Paint
5/1/07 03:37 PM

Hot, hot, hot! I used it this past weekend, and it's absolutely gorgeous. The Blue Echo covered the previous owner's poison green in one coat--and I mean really covered. I did a wall in the bedroom in a red, the name of which is escaping me now, but got true complete coverage in two coats, going over white. Try that with any other red. And the colors are so rich and vibrant. I've never used any of the other fancy full-spectrum paints, so I can't make a comparison, but it's hard to imagine that they are nicer than this.

It does have an odor, but I was able to sleep at home the night after painting, which is a switch for me. You can recoat in one hour. And I agree with blubunny that for some reason the brushes clean up more easily. Two thumbs up, people!

Hot or Not: BM Aura Paint
5/1/07 03:34 PM

Oh boy. I thought Urchin's London Jewel Box had this contest in the bag, but now . . .

This is incredible.

#30 - Ron's Hotel "Sweet"
4/30/07 07:39 AM


Ha, my friend and I bitched about that 25 yr old spoiled girl and her apartment for about an hour when that came out!

Blogging Domino: May 2007
4/26/07 04:47 PM

Well, I looked at this, read all the positive comments, then went back and looked at it again for several minutes, trying to figure out what everyone else sees that I don't. The lighting is very cool, and I totally envy the owner for having so many discrete rooms in such a small apartment, but I guess I'm just more of a minimalist, because this is way too much exposed stuff for me. The magazine rack makes me feel like I'm in a public library.

#28 - Daniel's Idiosyncratic Little Pad
4/26/07 04:35 PM

Is Kristin simply a genius at finding the most perfectly tiny, romantic, picture-perfect Parisian apartments, or is every apartment there as wonderful as the ones she's showing us? So far every feature from Paris has blown me away.

Post from Paris: Steven and Garth’s Pied-à-Terre
4/26/07 10:00 AM

This apartment reminds me of the one Nate Berkus did on the now-infamous Oprah show, but minus the claustrophobic tenting. I personally have no problem with the darkness, just the mauveness, but regardless of whether I like that color, I think it's well done. Teeny-tiny, elegant and luxurious.

#27 - Bryan's 3 F's
4/26/07 09:53 AM

kdkaboom--Right! It's a jump seat for your mudroom!

Wall Chair, Inc.
4/26/07 07:58 AM

I think it's brilliant. I was just looking at those fold-out wall-mounted tables from IKEA and wishing they made a chair like that. Et voila! This would be great for a narrow entryway for putting on your shoes. I kind of like the way it looks, too--sort of nautical, like something you'd see on a ferry, maybe.

Wall Chair, Inc.
4/26/07 06:27 AM