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I like this for breakfast or a light dinner with toasted sourdough. I do the eggs over easy and skip the oil.

Recipe: Asparagus with Eggs and Parmesan Recipes from The Kitchn
4/9/14 11:39 AM

I really like my Chantal Bakeware, I've had some of my pans for close to 10 years, and they have held up well. They are easy to clean and I've never had one break or chip. Best part, I've picked up most of the pieces at TJ Maxx for very reasonable prices.

Help Me Find High-Quality, Long-Lasting Bakeware! Good Questions
4/2/14 03:56 PM

Taste of Home used to have a magazine that was dedicated to Cooking for Two, and a lot of the recipes are still available on their website.

I usually just cook for my husband and myself, so I cut down a lot of recipes cause we aren't big fans of leftovers. Recipes will generally turn out well when you cut them in half. If you try for a third or fourth, you are more likely to have problems.

Cure My Cooking Problem! Help Me Learn How to Cook Satisfying Meals for One The Cooking Cure Spring 2014
3/7/14 03:41 PM

I try to keep nut butters, hummus, hard boiled eggs, cheese, jerky, tuna, beans and raw nuts on hand at all times. Paired with fresh fruit or veggies and bread or crackers, you can make a variety of quick meals/snacks.

Budget-Friendly, High-Protein, Make-Ahead Recipes to Fuel My Long Days? Good Questions
1/21/14 04:06 PM

I could live without one as well, but my husband would starve to death. He works from home, and uses it to reheat leftovers for his lunch. Without it, he'd eat a LOT of fast food.

Our Microwave Broke: And I Don't Think We're Going Back
1/13/14 01:02 PM

I'm with trish042. I roll a piece of scrap paper into a funnel, pour the peppercorns in and toss the paper.

An Easy Way to Fill the Pepper Grinder Without Spilling Reader Tip
1/9/14 05:18 PM

Our kid is a spoiled rotten dog that LOVES company and goes nuts when the doorbell rings. To avoid that chaos, I turn on all the lights, set the candy on the front step and go downstairs to watch TV. I check it about 8 p.m. and anything that's left is MINE! Usually, there isn't much. :(

What Do You Do with the Leftover Halloween Candy?
10/31/13 12:09 PM

This White Bean Chicken Chili is our fav, I've used canned or fresh tomatillos with equal success.

What Can I Make With Tomatillos Besides Green Sauce? Good Questions
10/23/13 10:42 AM

I pinned it because I like how the top of the hood vent was integrated into the cabinets.

What's So Special About This Kitchen?
10/16/13 04:05 PM

My immersion blender was part of a box my in-laws got at an auction. My MIL didn't know what to do with it, so I snapped it up. I LOVE it. Besides soups, its great for making applesauce and jam. This weekend, I used it mash up bananas. Best $2 ever spent at an auction!

How the Lowly Stick Blender Changed My Feelings About Soup
10/14/13 11:58 AM

Food Network Store has Wusthoff knives up to 60% off through Nov. 4, Ordered twice and am tempted to buy more!

Cookware & More: Discounted Cookware from All-Clad & W├╝sthof Store Profile
10/7/13 03:25 PM

When we purchased our house 10 years ago, the previous owners left the portable dishwasher behind. We used it once or twice and got rid of it. It was noisy, it rendered the faucet unusable for over an hour, and it damaged the kitchen floor - the heat from it had caused the vinyl to discolor in the spot it was parked while running. I've been washing by hand for 10 years and don't regret getting rid of it at all!

Moving? Consider a Portable Dishwasher
10/3/13 02:27 PM

We have Gorham's Melon Bud pattern. I've been very happy with it and have received many compliments on it. Most of it was received as wedding presents 10 years ago. I ordered the rest online from the Silver Superstore, The price was a fraction of the department store. My mom ordered some new silverware from the same company this summer and is very happy with the price and the quality. I believe she went with Oneida's Moda pattern.

The Surprisingly Frustrating Quest
for Good Silverware

9/10/13 05:35 PM

I received some glass Pyrex pieces this summer as a gift. I like them, but... they leak. Be sure to check out the seals on any containers you buy. If you want to use them to transport lunch to work, you don't want them to drip allllll over!

Making the Switch From Plastic? The Best Glass Food-Storage Containers to Buy The Sweet Home
9/5/13 11:25 AM

I'm not a sweet red wine fan either, but David Lebovitz has a red wine sorbet in his Perfect Scoop book that very good!

What Can I Do With Sweet Red Wine (Besides Drink It)? Good Questions
9/5/13 11:20 AM

Are they ripe? I got some nectarines a couple weeks ago, and the first one I had was good but not great. I set a few out on my kitchen counter for a couple days and then tried them again OMG, big difference.

If you are storing your peaches in the fridge, they won't ripen. Vinegar wash - 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water - to kill mold spores and make them last longer. Then set them out, stem side down, with a towel over them and check them in a day or two.

How Can I Make My Sad, Flavorless Peaches Taste Amazing? Good Questions
8/16/13 01:20 PM

How do you use your frozen zucchini when you do it this way? I've shredded it and frozen to use in zucchini bread, but I've never done it in pieces. I'm assuming this way would be best for adding to soup and sauces.

How To: Freeze Zucchini
8/13/13 12:04 PM

Marissa had a great piece on her blog a couple weeks ago on getting started canning,

Why Strawberry Jam and Cucumber Pickles Are the Worst Ways to Start Canning
8/7/13 11:53 AM

Kashi and other high-protein cereals w/ milk or yogurt.

Ideas for Protein-Rich Breakfasts Without Eggs? Good Questions
7/31/13 03:28 PM

Vinegar washing them before you store them helps to extend their life too.

How Can I Keep Vegetables Fresh Without a Crisper Drawer? Good Questions
7/30/13 04:31 PM