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Wow! Terri here. Thanks everyone for your great comments!

bodicegoddess - Alas, we did not make the light ourselves. We got it from Nuevo Lighting (for a very reasonable price).

Tristacoop - For almost a year the larger room was our bedroom. In February we switched it with the studio for a couple reasons... 1) I work from home, and spend almost as much time in the studio as I do in bed. With a drawing desk, computer and easel (along with art peripherals), the small room was BEYOND cramped. 2) The larger room is just as narrow as the smaller, and was a total waste of space with just a bed in it. Believe me, when we`re ready to sell in a few years time, we`ll be staging the house with the bed in the larger room. But we do love this set-up for ourselves.

darlingclementine - I know, the equipment isn`t ideal, but you`re right! Sometimes the space dictates that sort of thing. The -only- place for the tv was on the other side of that wall, sooo... we drilled a huge hole in the wall, ran cable, and hung shelves. Originally, that wasn`t the bedroom, but the office, and a desk was under those shelves, not a bed. BUT. You`d be amazed at how cozy it feels to have the bed in a little nook like that, and then to have the space lowered a little more by the shelves is sort of nice.

eirracoes - Yes! I did the chairs and cushions myself. The cushions were interesting, since I don`t own a sewing machine... I purchased all my fabric from

Terri and Evan's Blue Velvet Home
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11/5/10 10:27 PM

Your home is beautiful. You've done a great job at making it your very own -I love the mix of new and old. Lovely. It's great you identified all the artists in your home -with one exception -your own art work! ie-paintings of yours throughout your house. They're super! :)

Terri and Evan's Blue Velvet Home
House Tour

11/5/10 05:03 PM

This is a beautiful room! What a great choice of fabrics and colour. It will never be boring and will always be welcoming.
(The kitty seems to think so too)

Apartment Therapy DC | Terri Evan's 'Peacock Tail' Living Room Room for Color - International #4
10/5/09 09:23 PM