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@KaraL: Thanks! The cabinets are slightly off-white. They look even more off-white in the photos than they are in reality. I haven't done anything to update the kitchen since we moved in 6 1/2 years ago, but I'd love to give the cabinets a fresh coat of a whiter white!

Nancy Mims' Playful and Patterned Home
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12/28/10 02:16 PM

Thank you, everyone, for your fun comments!

@enneirda: We call the little door next to the refrigerator the "gnome door." It currently houses cookie sheets, serving trays and other flat kitchen items, but we like to think that it has been shelter to many a magical being through the years.

@kiana1002: Mod Green Pod has been helping people reupholster furniture for several years and have found that there is a big price range for reupholstery even within a city. If you are interested in having something reupholstered, ask around to see if anyone in your area can recommend someone, then take a piece to several shops for estimates. If you want more help, feel free to email us at info [at]

@blandwagon: I'm in semi-agreement with you on the living room light fixture. The scale is weird, but because it's original to the house and it is so rare to find old fixtures that haven't been replaced over and over again, I've decided to keep it, out of respect for the house's history. The scale looks weird in photos--it's not quite as strange in person.

@sophia: The hands are molds for rubber gloves--maybe you can do a search for that on ebay? I have seen them at Fish's Eddy, as one commenter mentioned, but I have lucked upon mine at various antique shops.

And yes, that is Morrissey in the photo of my studio. It's a hand silkscreened poster from an Austin show that he canceled at the last minute. The poster artist went all out on the deluxe posters and screened on vellum, then Moz cancelled. It seemed appropriate to hang the poster in reverse in mourning....

@lwenski: I can't remember the name of the table, I just know that it was unfinished pine that we treated with some sort of waterbased finish. The wood gets darker and darker with age.


Nancy Mims' Playful and Patterned Home
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12/2/10 12:36 PM

Love it! So cheerful.

Harper's Cheery Butterfly Boudoir
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11/23/10 02:35 PM

Love that people are beginning to catch on to the issue of indoor air quality and the contributions that carpeting and fabric have on indoor air pollution. These same basic principles can be applied to home textiles, as well. We all need to do what we can with our purchases to keep the air in our homes clean and safe! Luckily, with more and more options in the marketplace, we can do that without sacrificing style!

How To Shop for an Environmentally-Friendly Rug
9/20/10 02:43 PM

I've been using eco-friendly cleaning products for over 10 years and NEVER have had a problem with spots. I'm a clean freak and am extremely picky, but I'm totally satisfied with all of my eco-friendly and home-healthy products. And I love knowing that I'm not poisoning my family with nasty chemicals.

Dilemma: When The Eco Alternatives Just Don't Work
The New York Times

9/20/10 02:33 PM


Bold Handwoven Hemp Rugs from Cloth
9/20/10 02:29 PM