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I just moved into a new home and my coffe maker had not lasted through the move. My wonderful mother bought be a coffee maker because I have to have my coffee. While I like a good white chocolate mocha from SB or a Hazlenut (iced or hot) from DD I prefer to makemyown and I usually make a pot and drink it throughout the day and will reuse the grounds on the same day once if need be. Other wise I have a few pots for planting come spring and am in the process of mixing in the coffee grounds with the dirt to get them ready.

I had no idea that there were problems such as fair-trade in the coffe industry. I usually just stick with folgers or maxwellhouse as finances permit. But I will have tolook into the fair-trade and see if those companies comply otherwise maybe thers an inexpensive alternative.

Anybody know an inexpensive Hazlenut coffee (ground as I don't yet have a bean grinder) that is good and carried at a Harris Teeter or Food Lion?

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | AT on... The Continuing Coffee Debate
10/5/09 02:03 PM

I justbought the wood floor cleaner set while at Lowes. I was there for something else but wanted tosee if therewas a microfiber mop/brush set that I could use on my wood floors as that is what my mom uses on hers and it works great. The Method packaging caught my eye and so did the bright colors.

With two kids I try and make sure all the cleaning supplies are safe. So this product caught my attention. I brought it home and tried it out and I have tosay the floors look great.

I am going to try the other products as soonas the ones that I am currently using are empty.

I only wish the Commisary carried this product..oh well at least Lowe's is right down the road. So anyone in the Greensboro, NC area they have the products there.

Apartment Therapy New York | Best Products: Method Cleaning Products
10/5/09 01:28 PM