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I would love for my son to put his pj's in one but I think he would try to hide anything but that in there.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Holiday Gift Bag #14: Goodies from ROMP
12/21/07 11:33 AM

Of course, if you have gone through the area before hand with the client and have agreed upon the terms involved I think there would be no problem in coming in and doing the work for them. The client would need to be available in some manner to address the questions that do arise. I do think the tone of the initial post did seem like an organizer would come in and do it all and the client could kind of wipe their hands clean of the whole situation.

I agree some clients would not care to be involved in the actual “hands on “work, just like there are those that would prefer to have someone come in and maintain it as well.

Apartment Therapy - Organize Your Living: New Order Professional Organizing
10/19/07 06:45 AM

Jeri and John,
I’m glad to see you both were on top of this. I would definitely recommend anyone checking with NAPO before Craigslist.
I agree and organizing is a learning process. Most often hands on does mean that we are working right next to the homeowner guiding them through the whole process. Having someone come in and doing it all for you will not ultimately fix the problem. Organizers are here to help you get to the source of the problem, set up systems that fit your style, teach you to maintain them, and provide motivation in areas that normally overwhelm you. After checking New Order’s website I noticed they do provide this type of hands on. It does not mention coming in and doing it all for you.

Apartment Therapy - Organize Your Living: New Order Professional Organizing
10/18/07 07:25 AM

I keep a "yard sale box" in all of my closets. My community has a yard sale twice a year. We arrange for Goodwill to do a donation drive and have a truck park in the neighborhood, so at the end of the day all of the neighbors can donate what they didn’t sell. Even those that don’t participate in the yard sale take advantage of the opportunity to rid their homes of clutter. We filled the truck in April and plan to do the same in September.

AT on...The Art of Decluttering
8/11/07 06:32 PM