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After post upon lacklustre post of mediocrity, this one reaffirms my faith in dynamic, living, creative minds. THIS is what I expect to always see on this site. Yum, oh Yum. Just perfect, and worthy of visit upon revisit to absorb all the unique details of the space. (Hey, the writing rox, too--must be an English major!) Is there a prize? This gets it! Anna and Mike, "geniuses" that you are, (rhymes with "hippotomusses" in the Spirit of the season), thanks for sharing your space and inspiring us out here to be just a little bit better and braver! Love it, just love it! That bronze ho-heel is the hard stamp of a future design world star into this earth! Thank you for your contribution to this beautiful world! Carry on.

Michael & Anna's Rustic Modern Loft House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/8/09 10:50 PM

Rich and saturated, electric and quirky! Sound like anyone we love to read? Love this space! GLAMaureen

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10/4/09 02:42 PM